Walks Are Killing The Dodgers


You know the old saying, walks will kill you. Well, the walks are killing the Dodgers right now. As evidence from Thursday night’s pathetic 3-1 loss to the Giants in ten innings. The Dodgers lost Thursday night’s game because they issued three consecutive walks in the top of the tenth (From Howell, and Wright), to load the bases. A sacrifice fly scored the go-ahead and eventual winning run. I know it’s early in the season, but this can’t continue.

You really suck Jamey-Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodger relievers have issued 69 walks this season, ranking them as the second most in all of Baseball. Only the White Sox relievers have walked more batters. Mostly because of this, the Dodger relievers rank at the bottom of the league in nearly every category. The Dodger relief corp rank dead last with a 4-10 record. That’s right, Dodger relievers have lost ten games. Of those ten games, six have been in extra innings.

The Dodger bullpen ranks 19th in ERA, with a 3.92 earned run average. The Dodger relievers are allowing almost four runs every game. They allowed two more runs on Thursday night.

The Dodger relievers have given up the fifth most earned runs in all of Baseball with 55. In comparison the Giant’s bullpen has walked just 29, are holding opponents to a .197 batting average against, have an 11-2 record, and have given up just 22 earned runs. No wonder why the Giants are in first place, and the Dodgers are in third.

You can’t walk that many batters and expect to win ball games. Especially close games, or extra inning games. This is why the Dodgers are getting killed in the late innings.

I don’t understand why none of the relievers can throw strikes. Not one of them can. Check out the following walk per nine rates. If you have just eaten, try not to puke.

Jose Dominguez – 9.95

Brian Wilson – 8.38

Chris Withrow-7.41

J.P. Howell – 6.23

Jamey Wright – 5.12

Chris Perez– 4.80

Kenley Jansen – 3.63

Check those numbers out. It’s unbelievable how bad the bullpen has been this year. What really gets my goat is that we were sold a bill of goods. We were made to believe that this was going to be a bad ass bullpen. This was supposed to be a team strength. It’s turned out to be the exact opposite. Not one of those bums can throw strikes. Not one.

Maybe the Dodgers need a new bullpen coach? I don’t know. They probably just need new relief pitchers. I don’t have the answers. All I know is that this isn’t going to work. You can’t win games with a bullpen that walks the world. Last night’s game is a perfect example. It begs the question who relieves the relievers? Now you know why we call the bullpen the box of pain. It constantly delivers pain to Dodger fans.

At this point, I have had it with this. The problem is not going to fix itself. If these guys can’t throw strikes, then the Dodgers need to go out and get some relievers who can. Otherwise the club will continue to lose late in games.