Joc Pederson, A Hothead Apparently


Apparently the Dodgers have an organizational program. It clearly shows a lack of discipline by the organization, if the Dodgers keep drafting and signing these out of control players, at some point we will see a slow deterioration of this whole organization, and honestly, they are promoting the DISRESPECTATION OF THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME.


Well, this is an opinion, that people actually have out there, more specifically Hank Schulman. Without further ado, I give you Schulman tweets.


ah. This is quite unfortunate. Not that he apparently makes Puig “seem sedate”, but that someone has this opinion out there. Lets start out by saying this, Joc Pederson has worked incredibly hard to get where he is. Being a 11th round pick must be hard on someone. It means that at any given moment in the 2010 draft, no team thought Pederson was going to be the 300th+ best player in that given draft He’s been given “4th OF at best, platoon OF at best” comps his entire minor league career. But after working hard, paying his dues in rookie ball, A ball, and high-A ball, he absolutely destroyed AA pitching, which is arguably the best level of competition, hitting .278/.381/.497 because of the .398 wOBA good for a 155 wRC+ meaning he was 55% above the average player in AA. He made the futures team as an OF, and has peaked as the 34th best prospect by Baseball America. So he’s clearly worked incredibly hard to get to a point where he has a major league future. I can’t say for a fact that Pederson is an angel, so lets get my favorite prospect guru’s take on him


Joc probably isn’t a perfect person, no one can judge him on that other than himself, but spewing these sources from another team’s minor league affiliate which you don’t even cover seems dumb. Also, lets not ever forget this when talking about Hank Schulman.

Schulman Has Apologized, but this doesn’t change the fact that tweeting that take on Pederson was probably a mediocre choice