Dodgers Catcher Drew Butera Finally Woke Up?


Ever since starting catcher, A.J. Ellis was put on the 15-day disabled list (DL), Butera and called up, Tim Federowicz, were split the starting duties while Ellis was recovering from knee surgery. Federowicz was given the first shot at the temporary starting catcher role and was trying too hard to do everything while catching. That resulted in a demotion for Federowicz and the promotion of catcher Miguel Olivo from Triple-A. Olivo was on fire at Triple-A, hitting .393 batting average with 4 home runs. Butera was also struggling before Olivo got called up. Butera’s bat was so bad, it was a trying time for Butera. I think Butera ultimately was just trying to contribute with the bat a little too much, But Butera has to thank Olivo for getting called up because without Olivo, Butera would have been the likely the odd man out if Butera had not realized what Olivo was doing.

Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Olivo came to the Dodgers continuing his momentum from Triple-A by bringing his hot bat to the major leagues. Olivo hit well for a while. Butera saw that he was in trouble when Olivo was producing. Butera finally stepped up to plate and produced at all the right times. Butera hit two home runs since Olivo has been called up. While Olivo hit a little road bump, Butera continued his producing by hitting several doubles and sacrifice flies. Butera is slowly showing that he belongs in the major leagues as the back up catcher.

Butera finally woke up. Olivo is now being threatened to be the odd man out when Ellis comes back. I like Olivo and his bat, I think it is something that the bench needs. The bench needs bats with the exception of outfielders Scott Van Slyke and Carl Crawford/Andre Ethier (whoever switches off). Utility infielders Justin Turner and Chone Figgins aren’t producing. While Figgins has some good at-bats where he produces walks, but it’s just not good enough. Figgins needs to improve his hitting soon or he will be sent down to the minors or worse, released.

Butera, I believe in the time that Ellis has been gone, has earned the back up job. Even though, I had support for Olivo and I still do, I hope that Olivo understands the situation he is in and when he gets sent down, I hope he accepts the assignment as I believe he will be key for catching depth later in the season. I believe that Federowicz needs to stay in Triple-A because Federowicz is still a young kid that needs to start every day, so he can get his equal share of at-bats. In September, if Olivo is still at Triple-A, He will be called up as the third catcher and he will be on the list of reserves come playoffs. I hope Olivo sees eye to eye with the Dodgers. The Dodgers are not trying to disrespect Olivo, but Butera has earned the back up catcher job. they need Olivo for the depth and to be on the list of reserves come playoffs, not only he gets the chance to go to the playoffs, he would also get a playoff share as well.