Crawman’s Great Game


All eyes may have been on Clayton Kershaw in the Dodger’s 2-0 win over the Phillies Friday night, but it was left fielder Carl Crawford who stole the show. With apologies to Dee Gordon and Yasiel Puig of course.

Crawford had a very solid game Friday night, on both sides of the ball. We may joke around a lot about Crawford’s rustiness. But when he’s healthy Crawford is a great player. Crawman brings a lot to the club with the bat and with the glove.

Mattingly has been batting Crawford sixth in the order, and he seems to be comfortable there after spending most of his career as a top of the order bat. Crawford is batting .276 this season with four home runs, and he has been playing excellent Baseball of late. Crawford has also hit very well against the Phillies in his career. The left fielder is hitting .357 with two home runs against Philadelphia. Makes me want to sing.

Last night the left fielder showed us why he still has some juice left in his rusty body. Crawford went 2 for 4 Friday night with a huge solo home run in the top of the second. He also made two great defensive plays in the field. For good measure he caught the final out of the game.

The first catch was a sliding grab in a bases loaded none out jam in the seventh inning. Crawford had the great presence of mind to get up and fire the ball back into the infield quickly to hold the runners.

The second catch was a nice running catch on a slicing deep drive off the bat of Ryan Howard. Crawford chased that ball down into the corner, ending the bottom of the eighth inning.

Check out the first of his two great catches…..

And guess who recorded the last out of the game? You guessed it, the Crawman did.

Looks like a full day for Crawford. He’s in one of his healthy spurts right now. When Crawford gets into these spurts, the Dodgers must ride it out and play him before he becomes rusty again. But when he is on, boy is he on.

When Crawman is healthy he can do great things, like do the things shown above. We all know that most of the time, the Crawman Can. Keep up the great work Carl!