Beckett’s Incredible No-Hitter Provides Dodgers With Hope


Josh Beckett gave the Dodgers what they so desperately needed. During a frustrating season, Beckett’s no-hitter gave the Dodgers something they haven’t had much of all season. Hope. Beckett’’s 128-pitch, six strikeout no-no gave the Dodgers a reason to celebrate during a season that has given us little, thus far.

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Beckett’s no-hitter gave the Dodgers a reason to rally around. Last season the spark seemed to come from the brawls, or so some people thought. But this season is different as every season is.

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You could feel the tension in the ninth inning when Beckett came out to take the mound. The Dodgers needed this, more than Beckett needed it. Yet the comeback of Josh Beckett is an incredible story in of itself.

Just a year ago, Beckett couldn’t feel his fingers. He was suffering from Thoracic outlet syndrome. The subsequent surgery followed, putting his career in doubt. During spring training, Beckett had another setback, injuring his pitching thumb after slamming it into a clubhouse door.

For a guy that has done everything in his career, at age 33, Beckett entering his 15th MLB season, just wanted to return to health. This is a guy who was on a championship club more than once during his career, and was a World Series MVP.

The transformation from a guy who was a flame thrower to a pitcher of finesse, has not been an easy journey for the veteran starter. Losing some velocity on his fastball, Beckett has made the ultimate adjustments, instead relying more on his breaking stuff, and a devastating curve.

So when it became apparent Beckett might do something special, not just the Dodgers, but everyone rallied behind Josh. We could all feel it. This wasn’t just an incredible accomplishment for a veteran who was reaching the backend of his illustrious career. This was for all of us.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

You see, it wasn’t just for Beckett, this was something we needed to ignite us. To show us that good things can and will still happen. We needed something good to happen. You now, something legitimately good to happen to the Dodgers. Beckett gave that to us.

After Beckett stuck out Chase Utley for the final out, as catcher Drew Butera bear hugged, and lifted Beckett off the ground in celebration, and his teammates mobbed him on the mound we felt it. It gave us reason to hope again. Maybe the best moments of this season are still to come?

Because for one day, for one glorious afternoon, Josh Beckett and the Dodgers were perfect. They were flawless with no errors. There were no blown saves. There were no injuries. For once the Dodgers were right on the money.

Beckett gave that to us with the Dodger’s first no-hitter in nearly 18 years. Beckett made us believe in this team all over again. That’s more important than just holding another team with a hit for nine innings.

What an incredible journey and accomplishment for Josh Beckett. But even more amazing is the hope that he instilled into his teammates and Dodger fans. Let’s hope the Dodgers use this as the spark that they need to carry them all the way into the World Series. One can always hope.