A.J. Ellis Sprains Ankle During No-Hitter Celebration


Now the grisly and strange details of A.J. Ellis’s ankle sprain have been released. Apparently the veteran catcher stepped on Drew Butera’s catcher mask during the Josh Beckett no-hitter celebration. That’s how he injured himself. It just never ends guys.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. Ellis severely sprained his right ankle during the no-hitter celebration yesterday.

— Pedro Moura(@pedromoura) May 26, 2014

He stepped on Drew’s catchers mask celebrating Beckett’s no hitter on the field

— David Vassegh(@THEREAL_DV) May 26, 2014

We just got word that A.J. Ellis has been placed on the 15-day DL with an ankle sprain. We had no idea why and how he hurt it at first. Butera caught Beckett’s no-hitter on Sunday, but that was just supposed to be a regularly scheduled off-day for A.J. Lesson learned Mattingly, stop giving guys days off, it doesn’t help.

Anyways back to A.J. apparently the DL stint will be retroactive to May 25. So the Dodgers have called back up everybody’s favorite .100 hitting backstop Tim Federowicz. I joke of course, but what else can the Dodgers do? They don’t have anybody else, especially after Miguel Olivo went all Hanibal Lector on poor Alexander Guerrero. Although T-fed was batting .298 at Albuquerque if that means anything, and  of course it doesn’t.

Even when something good happens to the Dodgers, several bad things are sure to follow. Again further proof that it’s just not happening this year.

Drew Butera is the starting catcher tonight for the Dodgers and is batting seventh.