When Are The Dodgers Going To Get Serious About Winning Games?


You know the Dodgers (29-26)sure don’t seem to be too concerned about winning ball games this year. They’re more concerned about promotions, and joking around in the dugout. Despite the fact that their season is slowly but surely circling the toilet bowl. But the Dodgers don’t seem to be worried at all. After all they’re doing all kinds of things instead of the one thing they need to be doing, which is focusing on winning ball games.

The club has a losing record at home, and is 7-8 in one-run games. They’re bullpen and defense rank as one of the worst in all of Baseball. Yet the Dodgers don’t seem to be concerned in the slightest.

We’re a .500 club! Whoopeeeeee!!!

I think they should be pretty concerned, considering they’re 6.5 games back of the Giants. The Giants are a no-nonsense club. They’re serious as a heart attack, and this time I’m afraid once again, there may be no stopping them. I mean you don’t see Buster Posey reenacting Speed 2.

Yet the Dodgers don’t seem to care. After all, according to their thought processes, they think that they’ll just start magically winning games and go on another 70-4 run again. I’m not sure they’re very serious about winning ball games this year.

Look at what the club was doing on their latest off-day on the last road trip. Instead of taking that time to work on some of their inefficiencies, they decided to do more goofing off. Not very serious about winning ball games.

Here’s Andre Ethier performing in a play based on the film Point Break. You know the surfer bank robbing action film that starred Keanu Reeves, and Gary Busey. Ethier played Reeve’s character agent Johnny Utah. Maybe Ethier should have been working on his hitting instead of his acting career. And is he really reading right from the script? Come on Andre, memorize those lines next time! You’re an actor now!


Here’s Drew Butera and Dee Gordon playing dodge ball against some random kids in New York. They have a huge advantage on the dodge ball court, over when they play on the diamond. After all, the bullpen can’t come in and blow it for them in this game. Maybe Butera and Gordon should have been helping to come up with a strategy on how to cut down the bucket loads of errors the club’s horrendous defense makes every game.


Finally, here’s manager Don Mattingly making an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon late night show. In this sketch Mattingly is reunited with his old broom mustache from his Yankee days They give him a fake one to wear for the skit. It’s pretty funny. But maybe I don’t know, his time may have been  better spent trying to figure out what to do with the Dodger’s dumpster fire of a bullpen.


I swear I’ve never seen a club as happy as the Dodgers to be 6.5 back of first place. Maybe the Dodgers will start to get more serious about winning ball games when they’re ten games back of first place, and their season is circling the drain. Judging by the way the team celebrates and dances in the dugout, makes it seem like they’re not overly concerned about winning this season. They seem perfectly content with their mediocrity. I’ve never seen a club celebrate their mediocrity as much as the Dodgers do. Of course the club could always oh I don’t know prove me wrong and start playing up to their potential? Maybe???

Time is running out as the season gets farther along. Boy I sure wish the Dodgers would get serious about winning ball games sometime soon. Before this season goes by the wayside.