Topps Archive Collections: the perfect Father’s Day gift


Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and finding that perfect gift is always a challenge. That’s where Topps, the leading retailer of officially licensed baseball cards, comes into the picture with their recently launched Topps Archive Collections, Series 1. Topps combed through their archives, putting together an all new collectible product inspired by some of the greatest teams and most memorable moments that Major League Baseball has ever seen.

The Topps Archive Collections, Series 1 pays tribute to superstars and unsung heroes alike, capturing players in their heyday just as fans remember them. In this case, the focus is on the “Miracle Men” of the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers.

No moment is more recognizable from the ‘88 Dodgers run than Kirk Gibson’s dramatic one-legged home run to win Game 1 of the World Series. He’d been the leader of the offense during the regular season, mashing 25 home runs while batting .290/.377/.483. Steve Sax, Mike Scioscia, and Mike Marshall helped pace the rest of the offense. Pitching was the key to the Dodgers’ run that season. Orel Hershiser led the way with 23 wins and a 2.26 ERA, while throwing 15 complete games. Tim Leary won 17 games. Tim Belcher added 12. Fernando Valenzuela and a 43 year old Don Sutton each had their struggles, but the team was still strong enough to persevere and succeed.

The Topps Archive Collections, Series 1 is sold in a single box set and includes all of the following:

  • 1 wax pack poster set (5 posters)
  • 6 team patches
  • 6 team buttons
  • 1 team pennant
  • 1 team t-shirt
  • 1 team hat

The Topps Archive Collections, Series 1 is available at, select MLB stadium stores, hobby shops and retailers.