Clayton Kershaw’s Legacy Continues To Grow


The question was not if Kershaw would one day pitch a no-hitter, but when would Kershaw pitch a no-no? We knew it would happen eventually one day. That question was answered Wednesday evening when Clayton Kershaw pitched his first career no-hitter. Kershaw was just about flawless. He walked none and whiffed an incredible 15 batters. If it hadn’t been for Hanley’s errant throw in the seventh inning, Kershaw would have easily had a perfect game.

That’s how dominant he was last night. We’ll probably all look back and laugh at poor Hanley. We’ll say to our kids, “Hey remember that one night when Hanley screwed up Kersh’s perfect game?” And then we’ll all laugh, because we’ll know that Kershaw got the no-hitter anyways, and well it’s Hanley. Not to mention Hanley is playing with multiple injuries, including a sore ring finger, that I’m assuming probably affects his throwing. He’s also had a sore shoulder as well.

But last night was all about Kershaw. His legacy is becoming so large, it’s getting to be bigger than Dodger Stadium. Kershaw has now done almost everything already in his illustrious career. This was the first no-hitter pitched at Dodger Stadium since Ramon Martinez’s no-hitter back in 1995 against the Marlins. Check it above. Of course Kershaw did get some help from Miguel Rojas, on a tough play in the seventh inning.

Kershaw made 107 pitches, and was in control the whole night. Kershaw ties the record for the most whiffs in a no-hitter or perfect game since Sandy Koufax’s perfecto in 1965. There is no question that Kershaw is the greatest pitcher of our generation.

Two Cy Young awards, a pitching triple crown, three consecutive ERA titles, and now a no-hitter. You know what’s next right? A world Championship is next.

In case you missed it or weren’t at the Ravine last night, here’s how Kershaw made history. The Dodgers now have the only two no-hitters thrown this season. Lost in all of the celebration is the Giants losing their fifth straight game and eighth of their last nine. The win last night moved the Dodgers to within four games of first place in the NL West.

Just ten days ago everyone was arguing and swearing at each other, and now the Dodgers are back in the race. I still don’t think the Dodgers are going to have a 42-8 run like last year, but they are back in the race now. Baseball is an amazing game that you can never predict. However there was one thing we could all predict with certain regularity. That is Kershaw’s greatness. He is our Sandy Koufax. Pitch on Clayton Kershaw, you are a pearl amongst a sea of oysters.