The New Hunter Pence Bobblehead is Horrifying


You know this whole bobblehead thing has certainly caught fire over the last few years. It’s all the rage now. Everyone is doing it these days. Everybody has a bobblehead now. We just saw the latest Tommy Lasorda bobblehead on the last home stand. Yasiel Puig now has a boblehead. Clayton Kershaw has had several, and the Vin Scully bobbleheads have become priceless heirlooms. Understandably so of course.

It’s a good bet that if you are good at a sport especially Baseball, or become famous that eventually you will have a bobblehead created in your likeness. It’s just the way it is. Even opposing teams have their own bobbleheads. I mean we can’t pretend like we created this. No, other teams have their own too. Some of them are pretty cool, while others are ugly, and a few are even downright horrifying.

Case in point, the Giants have released a new Hunter Pence bobblehead for their June 26th game, and it’s every bit of scary as you would have imagined. And more.

This doll, and I have to call it that because bobbleheads are not supposed to be this scary, is like an abomination of bobbleheads. It’s unnatural. Try not to stare directly at it for too long. I mean just look at it. It’s just terrifying.

Now look at it from an extreme closeup angle. Again I warn you not to stare at it for too long, or you may go blind in one eye. Is this not the most frightening thing you’ve ever seen? Oh and it’s ugly too. Ugly and Frightening.


The Giants have somehow captured unholy terror into bobblehead  form. Avert your eyes now! Ok that’s all I have to say about this thing. I need a shower now. Yuck!