Dodgers Designate Romak, Clint Robinson Called Up


You know sometimes the feel good stories have to come to an end. And often times the nicest guys are the worst Baseball players. I don’t know why nice guys sometimes finish last. I wish it weren’t the case, but at times it is.

The Dodgers announced today that outfielder Jamie Romak was designated for assignment. The club called up first baseman/outfielder Clint Robinson to replace him.

Welcome Aboard Clint. You can’t be any worse than Romak-Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers called up Romak on May 27th, after Carl Crawford injured his ankle. Romak has been utterly atrocious the entire time. Romak was batting .272 with 13 home runs, and 30 RBIs in 206 plate appearances this year in Albuquerque. But he’s a career .249 hitter in the minors. Romak is the 28-year old career minor leaguer that had never played in the majors. You know when a guy can barely hit his weight in the minor leagues for over a decade, then he’s probably not going to last long at the major league level.

The fascination with Romak has finally come to and end-Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Romak was batting .048 (1 for 21), his one token hit was a double. Romak only reached base three times during his entire 15 game stint with the Dodgers. Romak saw time in right field, and played a game each at first and third base.

We saw Robinson during spring training, and he looked pretty solid. Robinson was batting .309 with 14 home runs and 40 RBI in 333 plate appearances in 77 games at Albuquerque this season. Robinson has primarily played at first base this year, appearing in 68 games there. Robinson had four major league plate appearances for the Royals in 2012.

Keep in mind that while Romak is awful, he’s 100 times better at baseball than you or I am. I mean if Romak were to play a Baseball game against myself, he would beat me 100 times out of 100. I’m not a professional athlete obviously. But when comparing him to his peers, I.E. other major leaguers, he is horrendous.

But you know, Romak had real top ten bum potential. His one token hit and his .048 batting average harken us back to the Eugenio Velez days. Romak would need more hitless at-bats to be considered in that conversation, but I have no doubt that Romak could have given Velez, or auto out Garret Anderson a run for their money. We wish Romak the best.