Dodger Medical Staff Misdiagnosed Chone Figgins, Injury Actually Hip Flexor Not Quad Strain


File this under what the hell. The Dodger medical staff has misdiagnosed Chone Figgin’s injury.  Utility player Chone Figgins has been on the disabled list since June 14th with what was originally ruled as a quad or calf strain. Not sure what the difference is between the two, but apparently that’s what he had. We haven’t heard hide nor hair from him since then.

But now reports are surfacing that Figgin’s injury is actually not a quad strain, but instead….you guessed it, a hip flexor strain. For crying out loud. I don’t know how they got quad strain from hip flexor, but I’m not a doctor. By the way what the heck is up with all these hip flexor injuries? Something smells fishy at Chavez Ravine.

Another hip flexor injury? Really Dodgers?-Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

But even so, the quad is nowhere near the hip. Right? Somebody explain to me how the hell that gets misdiagnosed? Is it just me, or is the Dodger medical staff the worst in the majors? Forget about the incredible amounts of injuries the Dodgers have had over the last several years. Last year half of the roster had strained hamstrings. This year it’s the hip flexor injury. How does the medical staff miss this?

I don’t get it. I’m not sure the medical staff is doing their jobs properly. They’ve miss handled a lot of the injuries over the last few years. They allowed Matt Kemp to play on a busted ankle, and were unable to advise Chad Billingsley properly. Now this. What are we to think here?

I don’t now what’s up with the medical staff, but they need to get their act together. We need healthy players if we’re going to make a run this season. We can’t have guys being misdiagnosed weeks after their initial diagnosis. apparently Figgins is nearing a rehab assignment, which is great news. But you have to wonder if the misdiagnosis set him back at all or not. I guess we’ll never really know, since I’m not a doctor, and most of our readers are not either. If any of you guys are doctors, or work in the medical field, or have medical knowledge, please speak up and comment. Let us know your thoughts.

Seriously Dodger medical staff, get it together. Yeesh.