Dodger Tornado Via Tengrade


I’ve never been a big social media guy. But the latest social media concepts are evolving more and more each day. New features are coming out that are actually pretty cool. Tengrade is one of those. Tengrade is an infographics rating system that allows you to rate anything. Your friends and family can rate anything. You can login via facebook or twitter, and create a new topic on whatever you like. The topic shows up as an infographic, which allows anyone to rate the topic on a scale from 1-10.

Honestly, I don’t know much about this new rating platform Tengrade uses. So instead of giving you guys all kinds of incorrect information, I’ll go ahead and list some of the Q&A’s. What does this have to do with the Dodgers you may ask? There is a Tengrade page created for the Dodgers. Each page has ten topics. The topics range from Vin Scully, to Tommy Lasorda, to Yasiel Puig. I’m giving Tommy a ten of course. These infographics are called tornadoes. Check out the Tengrade Dodger page, and let us know how you rated each topic.

Q. What is Tengrade?

A. The Tengrade™ rating tool is a fast and easy way to get Real Ratings™ on anything, from your friends and people like you, rather than from fakes and strangers. Tengrade also lets you express your opinion on anything and share and compare with your friends and the world.

Q. What can I use Tengrade to get ‘Real Ratings’ on?

A. Tengrade is a universal rating platform that enables you to get Real Ratings on anything. When you want to get opinions or recommendations on a restaurant or album or product or store or service or movie… don’t trust ratings that come from a bunch of strangers. Use Tengrade to see what your friends and people like you think.

Q. What can be tengraded?

A. Anything. Celebrities, songs, athletes, movies, stocks, toys, boyfriends, girlfriends, wines, video games, cities, shoes, ideas, sports teams, artists, politicians, products, bands, expressions. You get the idea

Q. How do I tengrade something?

A. Easily! You can tengrade a topic by visiting on your mobile device where you will reach a simple and lightweight mobile site. You can also tengrade hashtag topics on Facebook and Twitter by using our Startag symbol—without ever leaving Facebook or Twitter! You can also install the Tengrade browser extension, use the Tengrade button on any partner website, or simply visit from any computer or tablet.

Q. How do I tengrade through Facebook or Twitter/What is Startag?

A. A. The Startag™ system lets you use Tengrade directly from Twitter and Facebook. In any Twitter tweet or Facebook status update where you mention a hashtag, you can also indicate your Tengrade rating by adding a Startag (a star followed by a number from 0 to 10). For example: #Radiohead *7 would enter a Tengrade of 7 for Radiohead. Make sure to leave a space before and after your Startag. To get Real Ratings™ from Tengrade, just include @tengrade in your tweet or post, and we’ll send you back the most recent ratings !For further details go to How To Tengrade Via Facebook / Twitter.

Q. So when might I tengrade something?

A. When you hear that new song that you LOVE. When you’ve just left a restaurant that you HATED. When you’re at a concert or a movie. When you read a news story about a politician. When you’re walking down the street and see an ad for a product. When you get off the phone with your wireless provider or airline and feel like pulling your hair out! Whenever you feel an opinion about something, tengrade it!

Tengrade seems like a great idea for highly opinionated people like myself. It gives you a voice and let’s you shout to the world what you like or don’t like.