Dodgers Stand Pat At Trade Deadline, Everyone Complains


So the July 31 trade deadline came and went with the Dodgers standing pat. For the first time in several years the Dodgers did not make a trade. Er, scratch that I guess if you want to call the Darwin Barney trade a “trade”. I use the word trade loosely there.

There was a flurry of trades throughout the MLB that went down during the final hour. David Price was sent to the Tigers of all teams in a three team trade that also involved the Mariners. Price went to Detroit, with the Tigers sending center fielder Austin Jackson to Seattle, and the Mariners sending Nick Franklin to Tampa Bay. The Rays also got pitcher Drew Smiley. I can assure you the Tigers and their fans are doing a whole lot of smiling right now.

Beastmode is back me thinks-Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

But Dodger fans are not smiling right now. Why? Because the Dodgers did not do anything, and I had a feeling they weren’t going to.

There was a source that reported that the Dodgers may have been able to get Price for just Joc Pederson straight up, but couldnt confirm that.

I don’t think the Dodgers were ever really in on anyone this year, although there was a report stating that the Dodgers were trying to acquire San Diego reliever Joaquin Benoit. Of course we all know the Padres refuse to make trades with the Dodgers, and haven’t done so since they gave us Greg Maddux back in 2008.

Everyone is furious though via twitter, furious! How dare the Dodgers not do anything this year?! How dare the Dodgers not make any deals!?

The funny thing is about five years ago, if the Dodgers did nothing at the trade deadline, then everyone was relieved and happy. Remember when people cried when Carlos Santana was traded, and I think when Trayvon Robinson was dealt a few years ago, people were ready to riot.

People still complain about that Casey Blake for Carlos Santana trade. Now they’re complaining about the Dodgers not making a trade. I guess you can’t please everyone.

But you can’t have it both ways guys. Either you’re ok with the Dodgers giving up top prospects to bolster the roster, or you’re ok with the Dodgers doing the status quo.

From hearing Don Mattingly, and Ned Colletti speak earlier today, it sounds like they’re confident with the roster they have right now. I know it sounds cliché, but they’re going with the guys they got. I’m sure they’ll make some kind of deal in August when player clear waivers, but for now, the Dodgers are staying put.

But the club is winning, and with guys getting healthy, the club doesn’t need much. The club feels that they’re able to fix Dan Haren. Which is really cute, but they really believe it. We’ve seen pitching coach Rick Honeycutt work magic before but it remains to be seen if he’s David Copperfield or not. Because it would take the equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of your hat to fix Haren’s problems. Either way the Dodgers have off-days to utilize and they’ll use them to juggle the rotation. We won’t have to see Haren much the rest of the way. Regardless, not much we can do. We’re just going to have to grin and bear his terrible pitching. Unless Honeycutt can work some magic.

Then there is Josh Beckett’s bum hip. The Dodgers probably believe that his injury isn’t as serious as we think it is. Beckett has looked inconsistent in his last two starts, but it might take him a few starts to adjust his mechanics to compensate for the hip injury. I mean he’s got cysts in there. It’s not going to be ideal here.

People also forget that when you get to the playoffs, you only need three starters. For a long series, you’ll need a spot starter and that’s it. So Haren won’t be making any playoff starts obviously. I know it sucks. There is no question that Haren’s pitching is awful, but most club’s fifth starters are way worse than Haren is if you can believe that. The Dodgers didn’t need David Price. Needing and wanting are two different things.

Would I have done a Pederson for Price deal? Yes I would have. But the Dodgers have made it abundantly clear that they are not trading away the farm system for rental players. They’re not moving Pederson, or Corey Seager, or Julio Urias. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

I am a bit disappointed that the Dodgers didn’t make a trade for a middle reliever. That’s the one area where I think the Dodgers need help the most. The middle relief has been horrendous this year. The question has been, how do we get the ball to Kenley Jansen? J.P. Howell has been awesome. But everyone else has been horrendous or inconsistent. If the Dodgers can get Brian Wilson going than they’re worries will subside just a bit.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As far as the position player roster goes, everyone is starting to hit and play well. With the return of Beastmode, and Gonzo, Hanley, and Puig all heating up at the same time, the Dodgers don’t have to worry on that side of the ball either. Remember the Dodgers don’t like to DFA anyone. Nope they’re not going to trade Andre Ethier, or Carl Crawford, or Matt Kemp. Not happening.

Remember this. The Dodger’s mathetmatical chances of making the playoffs are already very high. It seems overkill to gut the farm system for David Price when the club is already going to make the playoffs anyways. You feel me on this?

There may be some concerns, but for once, the Dodgers are completely satisfied with who they have. Isn’t this what we wanted? The club that has a three game lead in the NL West, and has now won five in a row and has the best record in the National League. Yeah this the club we were supposed to have on opening day.

For once the Dodgers are standing pat at the July 31 trade deadline. And for once, it’s not a bad thing. Fear not Lairians, there is still plenty of time to add players for the stretch drive.