Greinke Allows Four Runs in The First Frame, Dodgers Immediately Forfeit Game Afterwards


Well it wasn’t an official forfeit. Not like the one back in August of 1995 against the Cardinals when 45,000 angry Dodger fans threw Baseballs onto the field and pissed off the umpires enough to where they called the game.

No, this was just another typical 2014 Dodger loss in which the starting pitcher allows several first inning runs and the offense throws in the towel. This was the fourth consecutive game in which the Dodgers fell behind in the first inning and could never catch up. Are we sensing a pattern here?

Angels    5 7 0

Dodgers 0 5 2




Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Starting pitcher Zack Greinke wasn’t that bad. As a matter of fact he only gave up three earned runs (five total) on six hits over seven frames while whiffing five. But once the Angels scored the first run it was over, and everyone knew it including the Dodgers themselves.

The Angels scored four runs in the first inning and that was it. All the Angels had to do was keep hitting the ball to left field where Carl Crawford’s horrendous fielding was exposed. Kole Calhoun led-off the game with a bloop single to left in which Crawford dove for, but could only trap. Then Mike trout’s line drive double to left was butchered by Crawford allowing Calhoun to score instantly. Boom. Just like that the Dodgers were down 1-0.

From then on it was a disaster. This is what train wrecks are made of. Albert Pujols doubled off the center field wall to score Trout to put the Angels up 2-0. Of course the travesty couldn’t be finished without some awful defense and wild pitches mixed in. This is the Dodgers of 2014 after all.

After Josh Hamilton grounded out to first, Erick Aybar reached on a fielder’s choice as Gonzalez cut fown Pujols at the plate for the second out.

Then wild pitch number 1, as Aybar goes to second. Howie Kendrick reaches on a throwing error from Hanley Ramirez which allows Aybar to score. That makes it 3-0 Halos. The horror show continues. Wild pitch number 2 allows Kendrick to go to second. Then David Freese’s RBI single to right scores Kendrick to make it 4-0 Angels. Game over.

Hank Conger’s fly ball to center finally ended that nightmare of an inning, but we all knew at that point it was over.

The Angels added one more in the sixth when Josh Hamilton slugged his eighth home run of the season to make it 5-0.

And what did the Dodger offense do tonight? Absolutely nothing. Angel’s starter Garrett Richards who has developed into a very solid pitcher went seven easy frames allowing just five hits and whiffing nine. This is what the Dodger offense did all night…..whiff….whiff…strikeout looking….whiff….grounder…..grounder….grounder….grounder…..whiff….whiff…whiff….meaningless single…..grounder….grounder….grounder….grounder…..whiff…..whiff….

I think you get the picture. Hey at least Carlos Frias looked good in his MLB debut by throwing two scoreless innings and whiffing two. Silver linings people, silver linings.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sportss

“hey that was easy wasn’t it Albert?” “yeah Garrett this is the club picked to win the World Series?” “Seems like they stink to me” “Yeah Albert it’s like they just gave up”- Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sportss

And at least Chris Perez couldn’t come into the game to make things worse. Remember the Dodgers placed him on the DL before the game with bone spurs in his ankle. Frias was called up to replace him on the roster.

At this point I think it’s a mental block with this club. After winning six in a row and eight of ten, the Dodgers have now lost three of their last four. Even worse than that, they were boring tonight. But let’s go over some of the excuses some people make for them. Because some people just can’t believe that the Dodgers could have a mental block.

  1. They can’t win every game!

Yes I know they can’t, but they could at least try. Show some signs of life. Not give up after the first inning. Good clubs are able to come from behind and score runs late in games.

  1. They were tired

This is the only excuse that could have some merit. After that 12 inning affair the other night, I am sure they are tired. But that doesn’t excuse giving up.

  1. You’re so negative!

What is this? Evem if that were true, am I supposed to lie to you all and tell you the Dodgers played great tonight? If you want Disney from this blog during pathetic losses, I am sorry you won’t get it. (No pun intended) Ok I lied, pun intended.

  1. They just had a bad night!

I guess so, but they had two bad nights against the last place Cubs, and not to mention all the other “bad nights” in April and May. If the Dodgers miss the playoffs by a game we’ll look back at these nights.

  1. Baseball isn’t easy! It’s hard!

I don’t know what to say to this one. Of course Baseball is a tough game, but does that excuse not trying? Not giving a reasonable effort? No it does not I say.

The Angels looked like a very well polished club tonight, while the Dodgers looked like the Cubs. Oh wait, they couldn’t beat the Cubs either. No, the Dodgers looked like the Dodgers when they fall behind early.

And that’s how the Dodgers normally lose. If they give up even a run in the first inning or two, the offense throws in the towel. I can’t explain this trend other than to say it’s a mental block of some kind, Don’t know how else to explain it.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Anyways, I am not wasting anymore of your time by talking about this awful game anymore. There was nothing tonight other than depression and embarrassment.

At least Clayton Kershaw was named the NL pitcher of the month, and Matt Kemp was named the NL player of the week. That doesn’t make me feel better actually. Shoot me, just shoot me guys.

With the loss the Dodgers fall to 63-50. And of course the Giants won, beating the Mets in New York. The Dodgers lead is now 1.5 games. It’s possible the Dodgers could be back in second place by the end of the week. The Angels are horrible, horrible. HORRIBLE!

Join us Tuesday night for tomorrow’s debacle as Hector Santiago battles Clayton Kershaw. There is no way game two can be a debacle with Kershaw on the mound right guys? Right?! Will the offense actually show up this time? Please help us Kershaw!