Kevin Correia, A Dodger?


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Not that i’m wondering whether he’s going to be a Dodger, but more like why? I think a question is a decent way to start off a Kevin Correia post. You know, Kevin Correia? Oh. You don’t know Kevin Correia? Well here’s a good start. Kevin Correia pitched for the Twins. This means that Kevin Correia had no ability to miss bats, because he was a mediocre Twins pitcher.

The Twins jettisoned Kevin Correia for a pitcher who owns a 15% K%, and a 6.4 BB% which is exactly what the Twins want in Tommy Milone. Kevin Correia, who hasn’t posted a K/9 over 5 since the year Zach Lee was drafted, 2010 is apparently a Dodger

I wouldn’t expect anything to really come out of this, especially considering that he is a 33 year old pitcher who hasn’t posted a Fielding Independent Pitching under 4 since 2009, there certainly isn’t going to be a top 10 prospect to come out of this. Expect something like the Jonathan Martinez for Darwin Barney deal last month, some prospect that the Dodgers wont miss for someone who can give them innings.

Not that you’d expect to get great pitchers in August, but I guess what i’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t expect much. This all harkens back to the depth thing that I touched on earlier, with Paul Maholm out, we knew that Colletti wanted to fill some hole on the roster. Correia isn’t good, but *crosses fingers* he isn’t going to be on a playoff roster, and Carlos Frias isn’t necessarily a great option right now.

And just for some rationale behind this trade, here’s Stacie with some quotes from Ned:

Which is about all you could have hoped from an acquisition from Colletti “veteran” “option” “depth”.

Listen, i’m not thrilled by the move, Correia has some disadvantages, the inability to generate ground balls relative to his ability to generate swinging strikes but there is some real value in pitchers who can make a spot start to give a starter an extra day of rest and keep you in any given ball game as opposed to say throwing out Clayton Kershaw every 5th day in September and he hurts himself on a routine grounder.


I can’t wait until the day when we have the Zach Lee‘s and Ross Stripling‘s and Chris Reed‘s of the minor league world ready to come up and fill a Paul Maholm size hole on the major league roster. But for now, if it’s a depth move to relieve the stress on the farm and rotation, then it’s not exactly a bad move.  Lets just hope it’s just that.