Dodger Legend Fernando Valenzuela On Hand To Introduce Newest Beer To Be Sold at Dodger Stadium: Montejo Beer


The Dodgers unveiled the newest beer to be sold at Dodger Stadium on Thursday evening with an impressive and delicious dinner pairing behind the right field pavilion. Montejo beer, a new crisp refreshing taste will be sold exclusively at Dodger Stadium until September 1. After that it will be sold everywhere in Southern California. Montejo beer has partnered with the Dodgers to bring you the best new Mexican beer on the market.

Photo by Stacie Wheeler

Montejo beer welcomed everyone on Thursday with a traditional Mexican feast to go along with the new beer. It was a magnificent dinner pairing. Each dish went down the gullet perfectly with the Montejo beer. Dodger legend Fernando Valenzuela was on hand all night as a guest, and to usher in Montejo beer as well.

Fernando Speaks before Dinner-Photo by Stacie Wheeler

Refreshing Montejo Beer, now available at Dodger Stadium-photo by Stacie Wheeler

The great Dodger left hander graciously took photos and signed autographs before making a special speech before dinner. The entire evening presented everyone with a taste of fine Mexican cuisine. The two chefs (Chefs Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu from La Casita Mexicana.) presented us with three dishes that were some of the tastiest I’ve ever had.

I couldn’t tell you what the dishes were called, but rest assured I devoured every bite. I just eat, I don’t focus on the names or the history of each offering. However the two chefs gave us a brief overview of the history of their incredibly tasty Mexican meals. Apparently one of the dishes was a recipe handed down from their grandmother. My stomach thanked grandma, and was happy.

The Montejo beer was a crisp and refreshing taste. I would say it tasted similar to Corona, or Pacifico. But it was lighter and tasted ten times better. Montejo is a terrific mix. It’s not too light or watered down, yet not to filling either. If you like Pacifico, or other Mexican imported beers, you’ll love Montejo beer. Montejo beer is like the Yasiel Puig of Mexican beers.

All in all it was a wonderful night. Thanks to Montejo beer, Dodger fans will be able to enjoy the refreshing golden lager only at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers will be converting the Bud Light bar behind the right field pavilion into a Montejo bar. Dodger fans can enjoy a Montejo beer as they open the new home stand beginning tonight.

So the next time you are at Dodger Stadium, grab a refreshing golden brewed Montejo, and have yourself a taste. Montejo beer has over 100 years of brewing tradition.