You All Know Chris Perez Is Making A Postseason Roster


September 1, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Chris Perez (54) pitches the fifth inning against the Washington Nationals at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Just wanna get this one out of the way because it will be sad once it happens. It will. Don’t kid yourself. Because if there’s anything that’s guaranteed in the baseball world, it’s Ned Colletti keeping a middling below replacement level reliever in favor of a reasonably high upside arm that could do wonders for the club, well that and Hanley Ramirez hurting his knee hamstring back thumb shoulder body in general, really, but the former is way more relevant to this post.

The team never displaced Paul Maholm. They only did so when he tore up his knee, they didn’t really replace Chris Perez because they blamed it on “bone spurs in the ankles” which isn’t something that happens to good players. It happens to bad players. Chris Perez is a bad player. The team employs mediocre pitchers like Jamey Wright, and heart attacks like Brian Wilson.

In replacing Paul Maholm you get Kevin Correia who was needed, yes. He was needed while Ryu healed. And you know what Kevin Correia has done? He has done some horrendous things because Kevin Correia isn’t good at the baseball game. A 134 ERA- and a 118 FIP- does not make you good at throwing baseballs. He had a good start, and then once Ryu comes back, you DFA him and go another route because Kevin Correia could potentially lose you a game, on the road, where no manager wants to use their closer for understandable reasons. So lets avoid that scenario


Goddammit, Dodgers.

So they roster these players for depth, but luckily this should be mitigated because of September callups, right? Yimi and Pedro and Frias will play because they have potential. Yes?

Well if the percentages tell us anything, it’s likely that we’re going to see a postseason roster assembled. And that’s what really matters at this point. It also makes me sad because I am fully expecting to see none of Yimi Garcia, Pedro Baez, and Carlos Frias on the roster in favor of Perez because tell me if you can’t see this thought process by Mr. Colletti?

Ned Colletti: “Yimi has shown something good, but I don’t know if he’s ready”

NC: ” Frias? He could use some more time versus major league hitting and not in a situation in the playoffs”

NC:”Pedro Baez? He really was awful at missing bats we can’t risk that in the postseason”

NC:”Chris Perez? He was on rehab, there’s literally no possible way he’s as bad as he showed early in the season, PUT HIM ON THE ROSTER”

I think the conversations will go something like that because of what we’ve seen. The way the club has handled veterans vs inexperienced high upside talent in the past, I will need to see something that is not along these lines before I show any confidence in the club’s ability to handle horrible veteran talent.

Especially considering Perez pitched a scoreless 2/3 inning (he walked a dude and looked really shaky, but results!!!… sigh)

Now listen, I could write a post on the fact that he has to choose between these players is a bad situation, but i’ll just go ahead and say that  it’s unfortunate the Dodgers find themselves without a real 4th starter, and without a legitimate bullpen going into September, relying on only Kershaw Greinke and Ryu is a scary proposition and that’s something I hope gets mitigated.