Rookie Right Hander Set To Make MLB Debut Start Wednesday Against Washington


The Dodgers have reportedly announced that Dan Haren will be pushed back from his scheduled start on Wednesday and will instead start Friday night against Arizona. Rookie Carlos Frias will make his first start on Wednesday versus Washington. The Dodgers citing the reason that they wanted Haren to get a couple of days extra rest.

Now there are goods and bads to Frias starting on Wednesday instead of Haren. Let’s go over the bads first.

The bads……

  1. Carlos Frias is starting on Wednesday against Washington.

Of course this will doom the Dodgers to an automatic loss in the series finale against Washington. This means that the first two games are critical.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Not that Frias is that bad, but come on. It’s Carlos Frias going against the Nationals. That game has lost written all over it, and I don’t mean the canceled television show.

  1. Frias hasn’t pitched since one inning of relief on Friday night in San Diego. He has a 5.65 ERA in eight games this season.
  2. Carlos Frias is starting against Washington on Wednesday

I think this is worth repeating and dreading. Carlos Frias is starting on Wednesday.

Now to the goods……

  1. Pushing Haren back and starting Frias lines up Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Hyun-jin Ryu to start the San Francisco series later this month.
  2. Pushing Haren back and starting Frias allows everyone to get extra rest.
  3. It could do funny things to Haren’s quest to have his option vest for 2015. His conditional option will vest if he throws 180 innings or more.
  4. It allows me to make another list of goods and bads.