Hyun-jin Ryu Leaves After One Inning With Shoulder Inflammation, Dodgers Give Up in San Francisco


I think that Image of Crawford says it all. We should all just bury our heads in our hats, because this was an embarrassment.

Before the game Stacie texted me to tell me she was worried the Dodgers would blow it in the first by allowing like five runs. I responded with, “it wouldn’t surprise me”. No Stacie is not clairvoyant, she just knows the Dodgers well.

The Dodgers folded up like a chair in the opening game of this important three game series against the Giants at At&t Park. Hyun-jin Ryu allowed four runs on five hits in the bottom of the first inning before having to leave with an inflamed left shoulder. The Dodgers were embarrassed in a 9-0 whitewash that leaves them just a measly game ahead of the Giants.

Dodgers 0 3 1

Giants     9 12 0




I have no idea if he hurt his shoulder before the game or if it happened during the first inning. I don’t know. But if Ryu is seriously hurt, that pretty much destroys the Dodgers playoff hopes. Theyre already choking away the division anyways. The game started out fine. Ryu got Angel Pagan to ground out to short. An out guys, an out!

Then the Giants exploded for four runs and by the time the smoke had cleared the game was over. I shouldn’t have to tell you that anytime the Dodgers allow runs in the first inning like this, they throw in the towel. This game was O-V-E-R as soon as Ryu gave up that first run. There was nothing the Dodgers could really do about it though. Ryu finished the first inning before coming out.

Chris Perez pitched the second inning, and loaded the bases before barely wiggling out of it. Somehow he didn’t allow anything. Carlos Frias came into pitch in the third and did as well as he could have been expected. Considering he had no idea he would be pitching in this game before it started. Frias was fine except when he gave up a two-run home run to Brandon Crawford.

Kevin Correia relieved him in the sixth and continued his awful pitching by serving up a three-run home run to Travis Ishikawa. It was well over by then, so it mattered not.

The Dodgers had just three hits against Madison Bumgarner. I could go on and on, but why bother? The club is a pathetic joke right now. One of the biggest games of the year and they lay an egg. It’s one thing to lose by a run or 4-0 even. But to lose the way they did, and not make any attempt to be competitive is not acceptable.

I’m done here. I could provide an at-bat by at-bat description of this pathetic game, but I won’t. Why would anyone want to read that anyways? I’ll spare you all the grizzly details.

As you can notice, there are no images, media, or funny gif caps inserted in this recap. I’m not going to waste my time attempting to try to make this recap interesting at all. Why should I? The Dodgers made no attempt to win tonight’s game. So I will give this recap the same effort that the Dodgers gave tonight. Nothing. Again, Hyun-jin Ryu left tonight’s game after one inning with left shoulder inflammation. We’ll know more tomorrow.

The Dodgers try not to embarrass themselves again Saturday night when Zack Greinke will counter Tim Hudson at 6:15 PM.