Matt Kemp’s Bubble Gum Throw


The Dodgers shellacked the Giants 17-0 Saturday night, setting records for most runs and hits in the romp. One of the highlight plays was a Matt Kemp cannon throw to A.J. Ellis on a Buster Posey single to right to nail Angel Pagan at the plate in the bottom of the first inning. Matt Kemp has a gun for an arm. This was Kemp’s third assist this week, and fourth overall. He did it all while blowing a bubble. As he is making the throw you can clearly see him blowing a bubble from his wad of chewing gum. Now let’s get to the analysis.

Matt Kemp knows bubbles-Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

As you can see he already had a pretty good wad going on there. He had been working on it for the entire inning. The question is what kind of gum is it? Bazooka? Bubble yum? My best guess is big league chew. A big handful of it. Check out his bubble to throw ratio. He was able to blow a nice big bubble, but not too big as to interfere with his sight, or the play. Good bubble strategy by Kemp there. Bubbalicious Matt.

Pagan was tagged out by a good three feet. Pagan still runs, looks, and acts like a turtle. We should give Kemp style points for this. Isn’t it funny how the Giants wet down their infield before the series, and it backfired on them? They probably did that to try and hinder Dee Gordon from stealing bases. Dipsticks. Gordon’s gonna steal anyways.

I think the important thing to remember here is that Matt Kemp can throw baseballs while blowing a bubble. Looks great on a team full of bubble makers.