Dodgers Just Don’t Give a……Kersh


We made it guys. We’re here. This is it. The Dodgers are just one win away from clinching the NL West division championship, and finally getting rid of the Giants. It’s been a long frustrating journey filled with injuries, and walk-offs, and twitter fights, and Kershaw gems, and Puig blasts, and Bison blasts, and awful games, and exciting games, and bums, and all-stars, and all the while, you’ve been there with us.

"“Giants gotta deal with it……HEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!”"

But today I think it’s important to take a look back. Let’s go back two seasons ago to 2012. You remember don’t you? The Dodgers, having already been eliminated from the division race were desperately trying to stay alive to win a wild card. The Giants already clinched the NL West that year were playing for only the sole reason to knock the Dodgers out. You remember?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I sure do. I remember what those jerks said before the second to last Game of the season. Game 161. I believe it was Angel Pagan who said something like…..

"“We want the Dodgers out of the playoffs”"

That’s what Pagan said. That’s right. He said it, and then when the Giants defeated the Dodgers 4-3, he motioned to the Dodger dugout with his finger and did a cutting of the throat motion while running in from center field. Too bad that turtle isn’t around now to watch the Dodgers celebrate tonight.

But we should remember this. We should remember Sergio Romo yelping at the sky like they had just won the World Series. Of course they did later that month, but they hadn’t won it yet. All they had done was knock the Dodgers out. We should focus on how painful that season was, and how horrible it ended for us. We should do that because tonight’s celebration will be all the more sweeter.

You know what they say, no pain no glory. I think that applies here. Sometimes you have to suffer through the bad times before you get to the good times. And when you do, those good times feel even greater than you’d imagined.

The Dodgers are going to clinch the NL West tonight. They have the best pitcher in the world, Clayton Kershaw on the mound. He’s ready to make mince meat of the Giants. He normally does. And wouldn’t a Kershaw shutout be the cherry on top?

Let the Giants have their crappy wild card. I would prefer them to be completely out of the playoffs, but that’s probably not going to happen. Unless they lose the rest of their games, and the Brewers win the rest of their games. Let them have their consolation prize. The wild card tastes like a sandwich that fell in the sand.

But for us, it’s closing time……The Dodgers are finally going to win this thing. But also remember that this is just the first step towards the ultimate goal this year. The World Series Championship. The Dodgers are bringing Bluetober back for another season, and we don’t give a…….Kersh!

See you in the playoffs everybody! Go Blue!