The Dodgers Need To Save Baseball


October 4, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher

Kenley Jansen

(74) celebrates the 3-2 victory against the St. Louis Cardinals following game two of the 2014 NLDS playoff baseball game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s pretty impossible to summarize what the first two NLDS games have been like as a Dodger fan. The rest of the playoffs have been crazy, and a bit of a nightmare as we watch the Giants predictably get hot in October and take a 2-0 lead on arguably the most talented team in the National League. After Matt Carpenter‘s 8th inning 2 run home run to tie up the game, it seemed as if all signs were pointing to a Cardinals-Giants NLCS. This would end baseball. Not just because I’m a Dodger fan, but because I am a baseball fan. Two teams who never seem to have the best team in the regular season who just seem to get lucky or the devil seems to be on their side, to cause Marco Scutaro to become great. To let every Cardinals prospect ever to pan out and reach their ceiling. For every bounce to bounce right. It happens to these two teams more often then not recently and them matching up would be unfair. This would end baseball. 

Baseball would die. Baseball is dying, haven’t ya heard? and this would be the final blow, the fatality, to just cause Robert Manfred to go unemployed because his services aren’t needed. A Giants-Cardinals NLCS would be the worst thing to happen to baseball since ever.

Now is the time where you remind me, where you remind everyone “Hey but, the Royals and Orioles are Americas team and they will beat one of them in an amazing World Series.” Don’t get your hopes up. That’s just what the Giants and Cardinals want. A  cinderella team who maybe isn’t the most talented to have a fun run to the World Series just so they can crush your hopes and dreams and take away all your candy and leave you with candy from last year. (See: 2007 Rockies, 2008 Rays, life, etc.)  It would end baseball.

I don’t just say this as a Dodger fan. I say this, for America. For baseball, for the future lives of kids who would have their careers completely altered once the Cardinals-Giants annoyingly cause this beautiful game to be sent into a black hole. Cause, in all seriousness, what would happen if these two teams match up? On a lucky bounce, the BABIP Gods would be left in chaos as they wouldn’t know where to let the ball bounce. Does a line drive to Matt Carpenter end up miraculously in his glove or end up bouncing off him into the stands for a home run? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN.

As not just a Dodger fan, but as a baseball fan, let’s do this. The Giants and Cardinals don’t deserve this. But as we’ve learned in the playoffs, “Deserve ain’t got nothing to do with it”.  (Warning: Major spoiler for The Wire in that clip) Crazy stuff happens. Let’s hope Game 3 bounces in the Dodgers way. Please.