Ken Rosenthal Discusses Ned Colletti’s Future on The Beast 980’s Home Team Show


Thursday afternoon MLB insider Ken Rosenthal (I’ve actually had my fill of Rosenthals’ for the month) was on The Beast 980’s Home Team Show to discuss the Dodgers and the rumors that they may fire GM Ned Colletti. Multiple insiders are reporting that Coletti is “On the hot seat” because of the Dodger’s early exit from the playoffs after their division series loss to the Cardinals. The Dodgers were eliminated in four games on Tuesday afternoon after losing to the Cardinals 3-2 at Busch Stadium.

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There are also more rumors that if the Dodgers let Colletti go, that they may go after Tampa Bay Ray’s GM Andrew Friedman Andrew Friedman. But the ownership brass has more of a “soft spot” for manager Don Mattingly, and they may keep him on board. Mattingly is under contract after signing a three-year extension in 2014.

Rosenthal described the situation with the Dodgers as “fluid”, and that the disappointing end to the season could cost Colletti and Mattingly their jobs. Of course he states the obvious talking about how the lack of a reliable bullpen cost the Dodgers their season. Well duh.

Although it would kind of irk me to see Colletti get fired but allowing Mattingly to stay. Colletti was not hired by the current ownership, but neither was Mattingly. I think if you let one of them go, the other has to go too. I think it’s a whole of speculation right now. I find it unlikely that either one of them will be let go. I think if it were going to happen they would have done it by now.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. While Colletti did build a lousy bullpen, Mattingly’s errors and poor decision making was just as harmful to the club as Colletti’s nauseatingly awful bullpen. Let’s not forget Mattingly’s most foolish decision of the season which was benching Yasiel Puig in game 4 of the NLDS. The Dodgers lost that game by a run.

I just hate people putting all of the blame on Colletti and none on Mattingly. It’s both of their faults the Dodgers got bounced out of the playoffs by the same club that beat them last year. Why should Mattingly get the golden pass just because the bullpen sucked? Yes Colletti built a bad bullpen, but it’s not like Mattingly is John McGraw or anything. Walter Alston he is not.

I am not sure what Friedman’s contract status is with the Rays, but I would be willing to give him a shot if Colletti is let go. I was saying earlier that some change in the front office might be good for the Dodgers. Change for the sake of change. Colletti has been with the Dodgers for nine years, and Mattingly has been skipper for four seasons. The Dodgers have won four division titles, and made three NLCS appearances in that time, but have not won a pennant. It’s time for this club to get over the hump.

No pennants equals no job.

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