Dodger Blue Appreciation From Me To You


With the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2014 season over, all that remains for my favorite team is to take care of loose ends and begin laying the foundation for the 2015 campaign.  It’s time for me to do the same here.

I didn’t begin the season writing for Lasorda’s Lair; I was what one might call a September call up. Even though I arrived late to the party, I thoroughly enjoyed it. That was thanks to the great editors here, Stacie and Scott.  They immediately made me feel welcome to the Lasorda’s Lair team and helped me with plenty of resources and advice.

Scott and Stacie, it’s been a real pleasure to write side by side with you.  We (all the LL team) don’t always agree on our player opinions, but we all share big Dodger Blue passion and Blue Love for our team.

I also want to extend a deeply appreciative THANKS for all of you fellow baseball fans out there who took the time to read and share my articles. Without all of you, we here at the Lair would just be sending our Dodger gripes and celebrations into the void. I appreciate you reading and sharing the baseball season with us.

Finally, I send a special shout out thank you to all of you who not only read, but commented on my articles. I’m happy to say there are too many of you to list here individually, but you all know who you are. I had a lot of fun when we agreed and even when you tossed verbal brush back pitches at me. That interaction – the reads, the shares and the comments –  absolutely doubled my enjoyment of this season.

Sharing the ups and downs with the Dodgers, debating the decisions of Don Mattingly and giving our opinions of who were the best players of 2014 with all of you has been a pleasure and an inspiration. I hope you’ll continue following our takes on the Dodgers throughout the offseason and join us for Dodgers Baseball 2015. Opening Day can’t come soon enough for me.