Lasorda’s Lair Roundtable #14- First Offseason Move for Dodgers


Pull up a chair and come sit down at our Lasorda’s Lair roundtable discussion. This new column will feature a different discussion topic each time which our writing staff will have the opportunity to address individually. We also would like for you to participate by answering the roundtable question in the comments below.

Question: What is the first offseason move you would like to see from the Dodgers?

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Adrian Garcia, Senior Staff Writer– I’ll say that the first offseason move needs to address the Dodger catching situation. And that solution should be Yasmani Grandal. Former top prospect, has hit for a decent amount of power, is only 25, under team control until 2019, he walks about as much as A.J. Ellis did at his peak. I think he’s poised for a breakout, and him as a buy low candidate would be excellent.

He also wants out of San Diego which makes a trade easier.

I don’t know what I’d give up, but if San Diego asked for a proven major leaguer (like many teams have done), I think I’d consider a Dee Gordon for Grandal swap.

 Julian Lopez, Staff Writer– The first offseason move that needs to happen is the firing of GM Ned Colletti. Yes Colletti has made some great deadline deals but his failure to bring in bullpen depth this year should lead to his firing. If they do that then the new GM would get to make his decision on Mattingly very quickly.


Dustin Hanson,  Staff Writer– Hasta la Vista Ned Colletti!

No doubt! It is time for “Ole’ snake skin boots” to skedaddle. To be honest, now that we will finally part ways with him, it seems that his player acquisitions have improved over the years. To the naked eye, all he had to do was add a solid relief pitcher at the trade deadline and let Mattingly take the fall if the team failed again. Which is easier said than done. But after Mattingly inexcusably benched Puig, he might be the first to go.

I hope Colletti and Mattingly depart at the same time like a failed ribbon cutting ceremony. I know who I am petitioning to replace these two boneheads: Andrew Friedman and Joe Madden! What’s the point having all the money in the world if you settle on a second rate coaching staff? I’d trade Joc Peterson and Alex Guerrero for them straight up!

Matt Borelli, Staff Writer- The first offseason move I’d like the Dodgers to make is re-signing Hanley. I honestly don’t care about the contract length, it’s an obvious no-brainer to bring him back. They just can’t afford to lose an elite bat like that. Yes, he’ll still be playing SS in 2015, but he’ll probably shift to 3B in 2016. If the Dodgers are truly built to win now, Hanley MUST be a part of the future plans.

Oscar Martinez, Staff Writer– The first offseason move I want to see would be a biggie, but not a surprise – that would be the firing of Ned Colletti.

Normally I don’t want to see anyone lose their job, but I know he’s been paid very handsomely over the years, so his kids will not go hungry. That being the case, the Dodgers absolutely need new blood in the G.M. position.

He’s made a few good moves in the past, but he has a bad habit of overpaying on extended contracts for washed up and injury-prone players. His bullpen cost us – not only the playoffs – but the World Series. Goodbye, Ned.


Carlos Flores, Staff Writer– The first move I would like to see the Dodgers make is fire their General Manager. This isn’t just because of not reaching the World Series, but a new general manager needs to be in place for the Dodgers to better utilize their resources. Colletti has had way too many mistakes that are able to be covered by having a lot of money and the Dodgers are in a situation where their expensive players are getting older and they can’t let themselves become stuck with bad, older, expensive players. The Dodgers this offseason possibly need a SS, C, #4 and #5 starter, a set up man, and depth in some areas and Colletti has shown he just is bad at using his money wisely.

On the surface, Ned’s track record is shiny and shows success With the failures being attributed to bad luck. But looking deeper, you can clearly see that a better general manager would have this team set up better for now and the future. An upgrade at general manager would be a great first step in creating a positive ripple effect into being set up nicely for 2015 and beyond.

Stacie Wheeler, Editor- Since I don’t think there will be any major shakeups or firings when it comes to management, I feel as though the Dodgers should make it a priority to sign free agents Hanley Ramirez and Russell Martin in order to shore up the shortstop and catcher situations. I have already spoken my piece about why I think the Dodgers should bring back Hanley, and I think if they instead go with Erisbel Arruebarrena at shortstop or a combination of light-hitting infielders at short, they will only dilute their offense out of the lineup for 2015. I also think the Dodgers need to upgrade at catcher, and Russell Martin is the best available free agent this winter. The Dodgers should move on to upgrading the bullpen as well, and that will be their biggest project this offseason so that we do not have to suffer through more bullpen implosions and unreliable middle relief in 2015.

Scott Andes, Editor– The first move I would like the Dodgers to make this offseason is to find a good hitting catcher to pair with A.J. Ellis. The Dodgers had no offensive production from catcher this season, and as we’ve seen before, the catcher is a very important position. They’ll need a backstop that is not only good with the pitching staff, but one that can hit and throw out runners. One good catcher will be hard to find, but there are one or two guys out there that are worth getting.