Will Friedman Hire a New GM?


Will Andrew Friedman take over the duties of Dodger’s general manager, vacated by Ned Colletti? I assumed that he probably would. However recent reports are surfacing that he is thinking of hiring someone. Friedman was named the Dodgers president of Baseball Operations Tuesday afternoon, as Ned Colletti was moved into a different role as senior advisor to Stan Kasten.

What the restructuring, and new job title for Friedman means is two things. The Dodgers will either name a new general manager soon, or Friedman will take over the duties himself.

Eric Stephen of truebluela, seems to think that former Washington executive Bryan Minniti would be a good fit for the job. Minniti was the assistant general manager for five years with Washington, and worked with Kasten back in 2010. Kasten was a former executive of the Nationals.

Minniti apparently left the Nationals front office and is now technically a free agent. Minniti is one of the youngest MLB executives at age 34, and has over 14 years of experience in Baseball.

Eric speculates that with Minniti’s previous experience, and ties to Kasten, that he could be on the Dodger’s radar. Eric has a knack for sniffing these things out, so it wouldn’t surprise me. One thing is for certain. The Dodgers will make a decision shortly, as they don’t want to wait too far into the hot stove season.