Byrnes Seen Schmoozing With Dodgers, Kasten


As another depressing postseason choke fest is behind us, the Dodgers are finally restructuring their front office. The Guggenheim group has decided that it is time to bring in their own people. We’re seeing the last remnants of the McCourt losers being swept away. Ned Colletti was removed from his GM position, and former farm director De Jon Watson has left for Arizona. Logan White could be next on the chopping block.

After the hiring of Andrew Friedman to the new position of President of Baseball Operations, we now are waiting to hear who Friedman hires for the vacant GM job. Friedman was formerly the GM of the Tampa Bay Rays, and consistently built competitive clubs under a shoestring budget. I do worry a bit that he will bring too much penny pinching to the Dodgers. Stacie has voiced that concern as well. But Friedman has a great track record, and is widely considered as one of the brightest minds in Baseball.

Now we are hearing the rumors inside out and outside of the organization that the Dodgers are talking to former Arizona and San Diego GM Josh Byrnes about the vacant GM position. I voiced concerns about this as well because of Byrnes’ poor track record. I mean when you get fired by both the Dbacks and the Padres, well I don’t think I need to finish that sentence for you to understand that it is a very, very bad thing.

Now we are hearing that Byrnes is schmoozing with the Dodger’s ownership, and watching an Arizona Fall League game with Stan Kasten. Oh yeah he’s probably getting hired.

But the question is, would Byrnes be brought in as the GM? Or would he be brought in as the new farm director? That I can’t tell you yet.

Once someone is brought in to fill the GM and farm director spot, that will mean nearly all of the McCourt losers are finally gone. Manager Don Mattingly will remain the final McCourt loser remaining. It is clear that the McCourt hired losers are unable of bringing us a World Series. It’s time to let the Guggenheim guys mold their own front office.

Just bring us a World Series Mr. Friedman. I don’t care how you do it, just get it done.