Joe Maddon In Negotiations With Cubs, Not Dodgers


World Series or bust.

Remember when Magic Johnson said this before the 2014 season? After the Dodgers came within two games of the World Series in 2013, it became apparent that nothing short of a pennant in 2014 would suffice.

The Dodgers have made an incredible transformation during the McCourt era from a struggling mediocre bankrupt club, to a talented competitive playoff club. And that is something worth praising.

Joe Maddon may be dorky looking, but he’s a good manager-Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

But the club can’t get over the hump. They can be competitive, they can win their division, and they can reach the postseason, but they can’t get to the World Series. Evidence by their division series loss to the Cardinals in four games. Meanwhile our hated rivals are on the verge of winning their third World Series Championship in five years. It’s disheartening and frustrating.

It is becoming clearer that Don Mattingly is not the man to lead the Dodgers to the promised land of the Fall classic. The Dodges need a more seasoned experienced postseason manager. With the hiring of Andrew Friedman as the Dodger’s new President of Baseball Operations come numerous rumors of him bringing people from Tampa Bay with him to the Dodgers. One of those people rumored was manager Joe Maddon. Now we are learning that that definitely will not be happening.

In the meantime the Dodgers have committed to manager Don Mattingly. Friedman said as much, at least for the 2015 season. We now know that Joe Maddon will not manage the Dodgers next year. As a matter of fact, we’re hearing that he’ll be managing the Cubs instead.

Jon Heyman is reporting that the two sides are currently in negotiation. And Joel Sherman is reporting that there is an agreement already in place. So I guess we can put the rumors and speculations that Maddon is going to be managing the Dodgers to bed now. We heard earlier this week that Joe Maddon had opted out of his contract with Tampa Bay. Apparently he wanted to test the free agent waters once more before he became too old. His friend Mathew Silverman told him of an opt out clause that was only available for a two-week window, that would allow him out of his pact.

Maddon felt like the Rays would be unable to match him the money that he is looking to be paid. Here’s the thing though, the Cubs already have a manager who is under contract. Rick Renteria has two more years remaining on his contract.

So I would guess the Cubs would have to buy Renteria out of his final two years of his contract. Renteria just finished his first year as manager in 2014.

Regardless Don Mattingly will manage the Dodgers in 2015. But we can all clearly see the writing on the wall. If he can’t get the Dodgers over the hump next season then he could become a lame duck.