Happy Halloween Dodger Fans!


On all Hallows Eve, Dodger fans are treated to the perfect scare. Another season of Dan Haren! Just joking, but seriously we really will have another year of Dan Haren after he exercised his player option that vested after he threw 180 innings this season. He finished with 186 innings pitched in 2014. Frightening. Of course the real Halloween gift would have been an actual World Series Championship, instead of just a division championship and another playoff failure. But in order for that gift to become reality all of the McCourt losers need to be haunted out of management. Did you like that Halloween lingo I used there? 

Tommy Lasorda Jack O’ Lantern

So what do Dodger fans dress up as on Halloween? Let us know in the comments what you are going as. I’ll be dressing up as Tommy Lasorda with a full plate of pasta. Maybe you’ll be going as Vin Scully, or Clayton Kershaw? Or perhaps you’ll dress up as Don Mattingly. Please note that World Series trophies are not part of that costume.

Perhaps you just want to carve a scary Jack O’ Lantern tonight. Either way with Halloween upon us the hot stove is just around the corner. That means it’s just days until the Dodgers offer Jamey Wright a five-year 55 million dollar contract extension.

No matter whom you dress up as and what you do this Halloween, remember that we at Lasorda’s Lair hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween. Hold your Dodger Blue head up high!

Of course nothing is more scarier this fall than watching the Giants win another championship.That is always true horror.

Trick or Treat Lairians!