Should The Dodgers Go After Miguel Montero?


Should the Dodgers go after Miguel Montero? I think they should, and here’s why….

I know, I know, he’s an older backstop. I’ve been the one saying the Dodgers should get younger and more athletic. I meant what I said. However the catcher situation and the lack of depth is a major concern. Unfortunately there are very few options available. It’s unlikely the Dodgers are going to be able to trade for a young catcher, and you know other teams are not just going to hand us a young catching prospect. So unless we want to wait out the draft, and that won’t do us any good for 2015, we’re might have to go the trade route again. And only older catchers are available in the free agent pool this winter.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I still think the Dodgers should sign Russell Martin. But according to recent reports from Ken Rosenthal, the Dbacks are shopping veteran catcher Montero. They’ve just made some front office changes. They have a new general manager, and have just hired a new field manager. So Arizona is in full on rebuild mode. Which means they’re willing to dump players. I am sure that the Dodgers can find a way to con them out of Montero.

Montero is a 31-year old left handed hitting catcher. He’s originally from Venezuela and was signed by the Snakes as an amateur free agent in 2001.

Montero made his MLB debut with Arizona in 2006, and has spent his entire career with the Dbacks. He is due for a change of scenery. He would be a good pair with A.J. Ellis.

Montero has a career .264 batting average, and a career .342 OBP. He’s always been a decent hitter and has had the ability to work counts and get on base. Montero has 97 career home runs and has hit at least ten or more in his last four seasons. Montero has had three seasons with an OPS of over .800 and his career OPS sits at .763. That’s not bad for a catcher.

Last season Montero slashed .243/.329/.370 with 13 home runs and 72 runs driven in with 56 walks in 560 plate appearances. The year before he batted just .230, and posted a .318 OBP. But he still hit 11 and 13 home runs respectively.

Many people believe the reason for the drop in batting and on base skills was because of overuse. Montero played in 136 games in 2014, and played in 140 games from 2011-2012. Montero has caught 906 career games.

Montero’s defensive abilities are generally considered top notch. Defensive runs saved rated Montero as a career +4 mark and in 2014 posted a +1. Montero has a strong arm as well, throwing out runners at a 40%, and 42% clip in 2011-2012. Montero is also considered to be an excellent pitch framer.

Montero is signed with the Dbacks through 2017 on a 6-year 65.9 million dollar contract. Montero made ten million dollars in 2014, and is due to earn 12 million in 2015, and 14 million in 2016, and 2017 respectively.

I understand people aren’t going to like this idea because Montero is 31, and making a lot of money. But guess what, options are severely limited right now for catchers. The Dodgers can’t go with a catching pair of A.J./Drew Butera again next season. The Dodgers have to go out and get a decent hitting catcher next season. They could use Montero to pair with A.J., keep Tim Federowicz in the minor leagues, and give Butera the heave ho.

It is what it is. The Dodgers desperately need a catcher. I don’t know what Arizona would want in return, but I am guessing it probably wouldn’t take much to land Montero since the Snakes are in dumping mode. I would be fine with the Dodgers going after him, and we all know they have the funds to afford his contract. Unless you are ok with watching the Dodger backstops bat below the Mendoza line and not throw anyone out for another season. Make something happen here Mr. Friedman.