Dodgers Make Qualifying Offer to Hanley Ramirez


The Dodgers extended Hanley Ramirez a qualifying offer before the 2 p.m. PT Monday deadline. Hanley Ramirez will have seven days, until November 10th, to accept the offer or to remain a free agent. Even though some may have speculated that the Dodgers were not going to give Hanley a qualifying offer, it made no sense to waste a potential opportunity for a supplemental draft pick by not doing so.

I have not been shy in my desire for the Dodgers to re-sign Hanley Ramirez. When healthy, Hanley Ramirez is one of the best hitters in the league. Losing Hanley’s bat out of the Dodgers lineup would be hard to replace. Hanley has helped the Dodgers get to two playoffs since arriving on the underrated trade Ned Colletti made with Miami in July, 2012.

Nathan Eovaldi was sent to the Marlins in exchange for their once franchise player. Colletti swooped in and got Hanley for almost nothing. Scott McGough, anybody? The Marlins also threw in left-handed reliever Randy Choate. Looking back, it was one of the best trades Ned made during his tenure as GM. Miami wanted to dump Hanley after injuries and rumored turmoil in the clubhouse.  Unfortunately the clubhouse atmosphere got in the way of the infielder’s talents.

Now happy in L.A., Hanley has often voiced his love for the city and his desire to remain a Dodger for the remainder of his career. Could Hanley accept the $15.3 qualifying offer on a one-year contract? Most likely not if only for the precedent. No one has ever accepted a qualifying offer since the process has been implemented.

"Stan Kasten said that “We’re going to try to keep him here. I don’t know if that’s going to happen.” on MLB Network Radio."

The Dodgers and Hanley could not come to an agreement last winter on a new contract, and Don Mattingly thought that his contract status did affect him during the season.

Hanley Ramirez fought a multitude of injuries in 2014, but he proved that he is still a productive hitter and extremely successful postseason hitter. Hanley hit .429 in the NLDS, but his postseason performance was sadly cut short after the Dodgers were beaten by the Birds in four games.

In three postseason series for the Dodgers (he never played in the postseason with the Marlins), Hanley has a .356/.453/.578 line. Perhaps one of the reasons Hanley wants to stay in L.A. is because the Dodgers are competitive, and he missed out on that during his days in Miami. The Dodgers also should consider his postseason worth, because some of their top players have failed to come up big in the postseason during the past two Octobers.

Hanley’s defense is always the counterargument for the Dodgers moving on, but I think the Dodgers could work around that issue and keep Hanley. With Corey Seager in cue, the Dodgers have an exciting future star at shortstop or third base. Seager is not quite ready at 20-years old, but I still think there could be a possibility to have both Hanley and Seager in the mix.

Hanley’s defense isn’t good, but it’s not Dee Gordon at shortstop horrible or anything. He played adequately, and I actually saw him make some slick plays once in awhile. If the Dodgers can go with Hanley at shortstop for one more year, then slide him over to third base in 2016 when Corey Seager is ready, the Dodgers could then bridge that infield gap with power x2 with HanRam and Seager.

Take a look at one of the great defensive plays Hanley made during the NLDS:

The Dodgers could play

Erisbel Arruebarrena

part time at shortstop in order to rest Hanley or make a defensive substitution in late innings next season. With

Juan Uribe

Golden at third base and signed through 2015, Hanley would have to stay at shortstop if re-signed through next season. I’m okay with that. Defense is important, but very few players are hitting moon shots like this: