Hanley Removes Dodger Blue From Twitter Page, Makes His Twitter Page Boring


So Hanley isn’t coming back is he? I can see the writing on the walls already. The Dodgers did make him the obligatory 15.3 million dollar qualifying offer. Hanley of course will reject the offer making him a free agent, and ensuring the Dodgers at least get a compensatory draft pick from whichever team signs him. But how depressing is this?

I know he’s not going to be coming back. How do I know this? Just a hunch I have, and the fact that he removed all traces of Dodger Blue from his twitter account. Take a look. His headline now just reads “MLB shortstop”. The lone statement reads like an obituary for the Dodger shortstop position. His front pics are just of him wearing his street clothes. A picturesque photo of Hanley looking out at Miami’s beaches, has replaced his Dodger pic. Another photo of him silently reflecting upon his upcoming free agency adorns his twitter bio. This is what the twitter account of a guy entering free agency looks like. Every piece of Dodger Blue has been removed from the page. He’s not coming back. Damnit Friedman, he’s not coming back.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Hanley Ramirez has been such a force in the lineup since he was acquired in late 2012. Hanley slugged 43 home runs in Dodger Blue. His best season was 2013 in which he batted .345 and hit 20 home runs with an OPS of over 1.000. He didn’t get the contract extension he wanted. He was moody, and brooded throughout the last few months with the Dodgers. I hope that’s not how he will be remembered. His trademark I see you could become a distant memory.

We all know what will happen here. Hanley will hit like 45 home runs for the Yankees, or Seattle. The Dodger’s shortstops used in 2015 will all cumulatively suck. Every one of them will stink, and hit under .200. And we’ll quietly wish for Hanley back at shortstop. Not his defense of course. Just his bat.

So the Dodgers will use Alexander Guerrero probably. Or maybe Erisbel Arruebarrena, or somebody form free agency, or a trade. Who knows, but this appears to be the end for Hanley in a Dodger uniform. Just a feeling I’m having guys. It’s terribly sad.

The good thing about all this is that it will give me my first real opportunity to rip on the new front office guys. Remember when the Dodgers are eliminated from the Division Series next year, Friedman and Byrnes will be the guys I’ll be shouting for to be fired across twitter. My #FireColletti hash tag will be changed to #FireFriedman and Byrnes and whatever.

That should be fun. Look all I’m trying to say to the new guys here is…..Resign Hanley you dopes!