Dodgertown Will Become a Florida Heritage Landmark During Ceremony on Monday


It looks like the Dodgertown complex at Vero Beach Florida will become a Florida state landmark, as the former spring training home of the Dodgers will be rightfully recognized, and awarded during a ceremony on Monday.

They’re calling it a “Florida Heritage Landmark”, and many of the Dodger greats will be on hand to celebrate Dodgertown’s new status as a historical landmark. One Dodger great on hand will be our very own site namesake Tommy Lasorda. Also on hand will be Peter O’Malley. The O’Malley’s were instrumental in bringing the Dodgers to Vero Beach in 1948.

Also on hand for the ceremony will be Dodger greats such as Ron Cey, Tommy Davis, Steve Garvey, Mickey Hatcher, Maury Wills, Rick Monday, and Steve Yeager. They will also be there to serve as instructors for the 53 annual Adult Baseball Camp running from November 9-15.

The Dodgertown complex will receive a marker during the ceremony which will make it a landmark for all to see. The 30’ by 42’ stone marker will be built next to Dodgertown’s dining room and conference center.

I fully believe that the Dodgers should have never been allowed to move from Dodgertown at Vero Beach. The Dodgers trained at Vero Beach from 1948 until 2008. In 2009, the Dodgers moved to their current spring training home of Camelback Ranch at Glendale, Arizona.

While the Camelback Ranch site is nice, it could never compare with the rich tradition and history of Dodgertown. I think the club still belongs there and always will. As Dodger fans we should never forget Holman Stadium’s open air dugouts, and the beautiful palm trees that adorned the outfield. Every single Dodger World Championship club trained at Dodgertown for spring training. That’s 6 World Series Championships, and 14 National League pennant winning clubs. The first grainy images from the sleepy town would often signify the beginning of a new Dodger season.

Thankfully Peter O’Malley has done a great job of keeping the historic Dodgertown open after the Dodger’s departure. O’Malley had this to say about the ceremony…..

“This recognition is appropriate because of Historic Dodgertown’s significance in baseball history,” O’Malley said. “It truly is unique and we appreciate the efforts of all those involved to gain this special designation.”

I hope the Dodgers will return to Vero Beach someday. You should never forget about the historic Dodgertown at Vero Beach. A forever part of Dodger history.