You Can Bid On Joc Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century


Are you in the market for a new car? Perhaps you are looking to add a vintage sedan to your collection? Look no further. Joc Pederson’s 1994 Buick Century has been listed on with a starting price of $1,200.

Joc is the former owner of this Burgundy beauty which features an automatic transmission, CD player (sorry, there’s no iPod connection) and red interior. The pimped out ride has 167,147 miles on the odometer, and the whip only has a few “minor” issues.

The seller’s notes detail the condition of the Buick:

"“Used High Mileage, Faded and Cracked Paint, Windows don’t Work, Light Dents and Scratches, Worn Dash and Missing Plastic Mold Frame Around where the stereo is. Air Conditioner doesn’t work and you have to wiggle the steering wheel to get the key to turn at times.”"

Joc’s Buick was given away during an end of season promotion at Isotopes Park while Joc played outfield for the Triple-A affiliate of the Dodgers in Albuquerque. Joc did in fact drive the car in New Mexico during his 2014 season in AAA. It’s safe to say that Joc has upgraded his car since then.

“Comes with the original signed title by Joc and a autographed rookie card.”

Nicknamed “Little Chucky,” it is not exactly a Lamborghini (Hanley Ramirez need not bid), but it could be a good candidate for a low rider makeover.

The highly touted prospect hit 33 homeruns and stole 30 bases in triple-A last season becoming the first 30-30 player in the Pacific Coast League during the modern era. Joc made his MLB debut on September 1, 2014. During his cup of coffee in September for the Dodgers, Joc hit .143 over 18 games and 38 plate appearances.

Perhaps Joc can demonstrate how to wiggle the steering wheel for the next owner.

The auction ends Saturday, November 14th.