Baltimore Interested in Matt Kemp


So another MLB club called the Dodgers about the availability of outfielder and Bison Matt Kemp. Snooze! Sound familiar? We’re knee deep into another offseason where the outfield trade rumors are swirling. Once again Matt Kemp is in the middle of these rumors.

People are speculating that the Dodgers will trade Kemp before the hot stove is over. Well Ken Rosenthal is reporting now that the Baltimore Orioles have called the Dodgers about trading for Kemp. Apparently they may be in need of an outfielder next season.

If Baltimore is unable to resign free agents Nick Markakis, and or Nelson Cruz, then they may be willing to work out a trade for Kemp, and or acquire an outfielder.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Once again the Dodgers are entering the hot stove with too many outfielders. The surplus of outfielders has spurred many speculations about trades during the winter. Some of those speculations sound reasonable, others are ridiculous and annoying.

Kemp had a bounce back season in 2014. The 30-year old outfielder batted .287 while slugging 25 home runs, and driving in 89 runs in his ninth year with the Dodgers. Kemp played in 150 games while posting an OPS of .852 with the Dodgers last season. Kemp has slugged 182 home runs as a Dodger.

If the Dodgers do trade Kemp, then they will be virtually bereft of all right handed power in their lineup. The Dodgers finished middle of the pack in home runs and slugging in 2014, and losing 25-30 home runs from Kemp would be most irritating. Without Kemp the Dodger offense will most certainly stink in 2015.

If the Dodgers do trade Kemp, they damn well better get something good in return.