Dodgers Do Nothing During Winter Meetings, Rumors Swirl, Everyone Annoyed


We’re smack dab in the middle of the winter meetings. And the Dodgers are sitting on their thumbs as we figured they would be. Far too cheap to make a move or a signing, but too smart to do anything stupid. So what do you do when you’re smart, and don’t want to spend any money? Why you do nothing of course, of course. So while the Dodgers are standing pat and not spending any money, or making any moves, other clubs are. And the rumors are swirling.

Most of the rumors surround Matt Kemp, and whether the Dodgers are going to trade him to the Padres or not. I can’t imagine anything more gruesome then Kemp playing in a San Diego uniform. Even if we get Yasmani Grandal. Having to watch Kemp play for the Padres 19 times next season would be torturous.

“I’m not being traded! For crying out loud!”, Kemp sets Howell straight on all of the rumors-Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

So will the Dodgers trade Kemp before the winter meetings are over? Probably not at this point, but we don’t know. We know the Padres want him. They’ve been willing to give up Grandal, and one other prospect. That’s where the talks have reportedly faltered. The Dodgers want a top prospect, but the Padres are unwilling to part with one.

While the Mariners and Orioles did their due diligence by calling the Dodgers, neither of those clubs got close enough to where the Padres are. But then we see these tweets…. This….

Um, ok. And then we see this one…..

What the heck?  Ok, so I guess maybe Kemp isn’t being traded? Winter meetings! Derp Derp!


Now here’s the latest rumor. The Dodgers are reportedly shopping second baseman Dee Gordon. Joel Sherman reported.

So the Dodgers are trying to trade Gordon. But not so fast . According to Farhan Zaidi via Dylan Hernandez, the Dodgers are not “dangling” Gordon. I think what this means is that they’re not actively trying to move Gordon. But are listening to calls from other clubs that are interested. Apparently according to reporter Joe Frisaro, the Marlins could be interested.

HUH?! Well ok……

But Joel Sherman is reporting that the Dodgers are letting teams know they are open to moving Gordon. New front office likes OBP, (who doesn’t), and that’s not Gordon’s forte. (Getting on base isn’t Gordon’s “forte”. So cute isn’t it?)

First of all, what conflicting reports! And Second of all, getting on base is not Gordon’s thing. Isn’t that sweet? I think we all know that Gordon isn’t very good at getting on base. This is quite obvious by his weak .326 OBP he posted in 2014. Gordon was the lead-off hitter for most of the season, and drew just 31 walks from atop the lineup. His career OBP sits at .314. As we’ve said over here before countless times, you can’t steal first base. No matter how fast you are.

So are the Dodgers really shopping Gordon? I don’t think so, but they are listening in on calls. That’s the whole doing your job thing. Gordon did lead the majors in stolen bases this past season. It’s hard to imagine the Dodgers moving him right now. But with the new front office, anything is possible.We already have one huge gaping hole at shortstop, we don’t need to make the middle infield black hole an abyss, by trading Gordon. Anyone want a second baseman who has no power, can’t get on base, but runs real fast?

We can all rest easy knowing the Dodgers will continue to do absolutely nothing in their quest to spend the least amount of money this hot stove season.

Ahhhhhhhh the Winter Meetings. The time of the year when everything makes sense, and nothing makes sense all at the same time.

We will indeed keep you posted as the winter meetings go on.