Dodgers On The Verge Of Acquiring Jimmy Rollins


So of course as soon as I write this article, the Dodgers actually make a trade for a major leaguer. Funny how that works out doesn’t it? It’s almost as if my computer keyboard is in some strange way connected to the Dodger’s transactions. Ok, it’s not really. But it’s fun to type.

According to Jim Salisbury of CSN, the Dodgers have reportedly acquired shortstop Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies. Although Ken Rosenthal is reporting the deal is not done yet, and the two sides have still not determined which player or players are going to Philadelphia. But the return can’t be that big. Apparently a third team could be involved.

The 36-year old veteran shortstop has played with Philadelphia his entire career, which has been for the last 15 years. He’s won an MVP award, (2007), two National League Pennants, one World Series Championship, four gold glove awards, three all-star selections, and a partridge in a pair tree.

We heard earlier in the week that Rollins had agreed to waive his no-trade (he waived his 10 and 5 rights) clause, and would accept a trade to the Dodgers. So this wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone. As you know the Dodgers are looking for a “stopgap” shortstop to fill the vacancy until top prospect Corey Seager is ready to contribute at the major league level. That could be anywhere from one to three years.

*Update* Accoring to Sherman, two young pitchers are going back to the Phillies. Maybe Lee and Reed? We’ll see soon.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Rollins is still a decent shortstop, despite his offensive numbers severely declining over the last several years. Rollins batted .243 last season with 17 home runs, and a .323 OBP in 609 plate appearances. He still managed to steal 28 bases, while drawing 64 walks, and posting an OPS of .717 in 138 games. Rollins is a career .267 hitter with 216 home runs, and 453 stolen bases.

His defensive metrics look pretty good as well. In 2014 Rollins had a total zone fielding runs above average rating of +11. That’s pretty on par with his career mark of +54. According to defensive runs saved, he saved four runs from scoring defensively. Rollins has a .983 career fielding percentage, and has never committed more than 14 errors in a season.

The sure handed switch-hitter is under contract only through this season. He’s finishing up the final season of a four year 44 million dollar contract. He’s owed 11 million dollars in 2015.

So this could just be a one year rental type situation, but if Seager isn’t ready by 2016, then the Dodgers may have to ink Rollins for another season.

I am fine with this move, depending on the return. After the loss of Hanley Ramirez, the Dodgers needed a shortstop badly. The internal options were less than impressive at best, and there wasn’t anyone else good on the trade market who was available. This was after the Dodger’s pursuit of Alexei Ramirez fell through.

So the Dodgers are getting who they could to fill a hole. What’s funny about this is that if Ned Colletti were to make this move, everyone would have blasted him. They would have said “oh that’s Ned being Ned, picking up old washed up players”. But when Farhan Zaidi, Andrew Friedman and the rest of the Brain Trust pull off the trade they are hailed as geniuses. Interesting how many people irrationally disliked Ned Colletti.

Anyways, the deal is not finalized yet, so we’ll have more for you on this later.