Fun With Twitter Avatars


The Dodgers finally officially announced the signing of pitcher Brandon McCarthy on Tuesday, but the week began with a fun-filled internet game of paint me a new avatar on Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account, you may not have seen the hilarity surrounding Brandon McCarthy’s new avatar which was apparently painstakingly created in ye old Microsoft Paint program.

It was a tad bit disappointing to learn that McCarthy didn’t make the masterpiece which is his new avatar himself, but he had some help from a fan.

The Blued out avatar picture quickly caught my attention, and I thought it appropriate that his wife Amanda should also have a Dodger-fied avatar as well. It took many hours on Photoshop (not really) to create Amanda’s avatar, and I was thrilled when she used it. All those hours fooling around creating silly pictures over the years sure paid off, didn’t it?

What ensured was a flurry of fan art depicting our favorite Dodgers in MS Paint glory.

Photo: Matt Kemp’s new Twitter avatar by @JMODESIGNS44

It was all fun and games, until we woke up on Tuesday morning to find that Matt Kemp had changed his Twitter avatar. He doesn’t look too happy in that San Diego uniform, does he?

Our friends over at the came up with a much happier Padre uniformed Kemp avatar.

Brandon McCarthy hasn’t even thrown one pitch in his Dodger uniform yet, but he has already brought together Dodger fans in the name of good fun…and really bad graphic art.