Vin Scully Loves Costco and We Love Him


We have all heard the Christmas tale about Vin Scully losing and finding his 1988 World Series ring at the bottom of a bag of Costco ribs. You can read the entirety of the Christmas miracle story as told by Bill Plaschke in the Los Angeles Times.

When I saw this tweet sent out by the Dodgers, my heart sunk like a ton of bricks. Vin Scully’s 1988 World Series ring is a symbol of everything that is right with the world. It is a shiny token of Dodger love worn upon the man whose golden voice has added the narration to our lives as Dodger fans for 65 years. Losing this precious piece of metal was a momentary Amber Alert emergency.

"“I said, ‘Oh my God, I’ve lost my ring,’ ” Vin said."

Luckily, the ring was found once Vin and his wife Sandi arrived home. Sandi found the iconic ring at the bottom of a plastic bag carrying ribs intended for the Scully’s holiday dinner.

The angels sung. The Christmas bells rang. Vin had been reunited with his ring, and the holiday season could continue without it turning into a Grinch-like story of loss.

What’s even more fascinating about the story, is that Vin loves Costco. The Costco that Vin frequents in Westlake Village, CA is mere miles from where I live. I used to live in Westlake Village, in fact, and I often shopped at the very same Costco store which Vin goes to now. I never knew that I should be on the lookout for Vin Scully while I was cruising the big screen television aisle or stalking the free sample tables.

I too used to stock up on packs of 50 rolls of toilet paper and far too much Coscto sausage than any one family needs, but I have since forgone Costco for smaller shopping trips and smaller shopping bills. Did I really need that 30-pound tub of popcorn? Maybe, but I have learned some restraint since.

Now knowing that Vin visits my neighborhood Costco I am contemplating renewing my membership. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet the great Vin Scully yet (Scott had the pleasure of meeting Vinny in the Dodger Stadium press box), but when I do I hope that my shopping cart isn’t full of embarrassing items like a tub of mayonnaise or a 100-pack of underwear

Do they sell Farmer John Dodger Dogs at Costco? That is one item I could always stock up on.