When Will the All-Star Game Return to Dodger Stadium?


Last week it was announced that the San Diego Padres will be hosting the 2016 MLB All-Star Game at Petco Park.

It’s been a long 35-year long drought (longer than it has been since the Dodgers won their last World Championship) since the All-Star Game was played at Dodger Stadium back in 1980. I was one year old and had yet to attend my first Dodger game let alone enjoy the All-Star game in Los Angeles. A whole generation of Dodger fans have been left out of the All-Star Game festivities.

"“We talk about the All-Star game a lot,” Dodgers Chairman Mark Walter said. “I have reasons to believe L.A. is going to get an All-Star game soon.”"

The Angels, Padres and Giants have each hosted the All-Star Game twice since the Dodgers were awarded the game over three decades ago.

Even though the trend has been to spotlight the newer ballparks in the Majors, Dodger Stadium shouldn’t be overlooked because of its

The Reds will host the 2015 All-Star Game at the Great American Ballpark. Photo: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

age. Even though it’s the third-oldest ballpark in baseball behind Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, Chavez Ravine is still as beautifully iconic as the day it was built in 1962.

The new Dodger ownership has also invested in stadium renovations costing $150 million including new bullpen overlooks and more family amenities which would surely attract an All-Star audience.

Since San Diego was awarded the game in 2016, it is unlikely the Dodgers would be line to host in 2017. The Miami Marlins and the Washington Nationals are on deck to possibly host in 2017. Could the stars be aligned for the Dodgers in 2018?

The Cincinnati Reds will host the 2015 All-Star Game from the Great American Ballpark, and the Baltimore Orioles were looked over in favor of the Padres in 2016. While the Dodgers have certainly been due to host the Midsummer Classic for quite some time, there are still some ballparks which have never had an All-Star Game. The new Yankee Stadium, Tropicana Field, Citizen Bank Park, Nationals Park and Marlins Park have never hosted an All-Star Game yet.

"“Major League Baseball has received a number of outstanding bids from National League clubs whose ballparks have never hosted the All-Star Game,” the commissioner’s office released in a statement. “Due to the quality of these bids, it was determined that the 2016 site would be awarded to the club that made the most competitive bid, regardless of league affiliation.”"

As far as longest drought since their last All-Star Game, the Dodgers have the lengthiest time since being awarded their last All-Star Game.

Perhaps with Bruce Bochy managing the National League’s All-Star team for 2015, we will get to see Clayton Kershaw start the game. It would be even sweeter if Kershaw could start an All-Star Game at home at Dodger Stadium, but the drought will continue for at least another two years.

A historically beautiful stadium, gorgeous sunny weather, Dodger Dogs, Nancy Bea Hefley playing her melodic score…Dodger Stadium seems like the quintessential ballpark to host an All-Star Game.

Dodger Stadium for the 2018 All-Star Game!