Morosi Reports Dodgers Are Working On Acquiring Another Reliever


Hold onto your hats, but the Dodgers are looking for more late inning relief help. Surprised? That’s like asking if Yasiel Puig likes to play video games. Of course the Dodgers are looking for more relief help. Even though Stacie believes the Dodgers still need more starting pitching depth, I believe the club probably has enough starters. No, they need more relievers again. I mean Joel Peralta and Chris Hatcher are likely not going to cut it. Apparently Jon Morosi agrees with me. According to Morosi the Dodgers are indeed trying to pick up another late inning relief option.

There are a few decent relievers still available on the free agent market, if the Dodgers choose to go that route.

First there is right hander Casey Janssen, who spells his name with two S’s. First there is the obvious coolness of having two Jansens’ in the bullpen. Hopefully the extra “S” stands for more strikeouts.

Casey Janssen anyone?-Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The 33-year old right hander is a Southern California native, and graduated from UCLA. He did have a bit of a down year last year with Toronto. He posted a 3.94 ERA with 25 saves and an FIP of 4.14 in 50 games pitched. However Janssen has put up great strikeout to walk ratios in the past.

For example, in 2014 he whiffed 28 and walked just seven batters. His walk rate was an excellent 1.4 per nine, and his strikeout to walk ratio was 4-1. During his career, Janssen has averaged 6.7 whiffs per nine, and 2.2 walks per nine, with a ratio of about 3-1.

Overall Janssen has saved 90 career games, and posted an ERA of 3.52 with a 29-24 record. He made just four million dollars last year in Toronto, so he could be a bargain. Then again, he did contract food poisoning and saw his fly ball rates and dingers allowed sky rocket during the second half of last season.

Despite that he still limits walks tremendously, and has a good curveball and hot fastball.

Another option is veteran right handed reliever Rafael Soriano. He’s even older than Janssen at 35-years old. He did put up a solid season with Washington last year. He posted a 4-1 record with a 3.19 ERA and 59 whiffs against 19 walks in 62 frames. He saved 32 games, and posted an FIP of 3.08 to go along with an ERA+ of 119. 

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  • He’s always been a pretty solid reliever. He’s posted career marks of 9.1 strikeouts per nine, and 2.8 walks per nine. He’s saved 207 games to go along with a career ERA of 2.85. Those are very impressive numbers. However he does have a history of injury.

    At the same time Soriano is very expensive. He made 11 million dollars last year in Washington. He’s still a good pitcher, but he will come at a price.

    Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

    Then there’s third option Francisco Rodriguez, also known as “K-rod”. While it may seem he’s been pitching since the beginning of time, he’s actually just 33-years old. Of course I used the term “just” very loosely.

    Rodriguez was once one of the best relievers in all of Baseball. If you remember he once saved 62 games for the Angels back in 2008, which set a major league record. Rodriguez has saved 348 games in his 13 major league seasons. He has a career 2.73 ERA and has averaged a 10.8 strikeout per nine rate.

    K-Rod had a very good year for Milwaukee in 2014. He saved 44 games while posting a 3.04 ERA in 68 frames. He whiffed 73 and walked just 18 and led the league with 66 games pitched. That came out to a 10.7 strikeout per nine rate and a 2.4 walks per nine rate.

    He made only 3.2 million dollars with the Brewers last year. So he might be able to be had for cheap.

    These are the three relievers that Morosi suggests for the Dodgers. No matter who Morosi suggests, the Dodgers are probably going to get somebody for the bullpen. While Adrian still thinks that the bullpen will probably be fine, I am not so optimistic. Judging from recent history we know how the Dodger bullpens usually work. Or don’t work. We’ve seen too many ineffective bullpens in recent years.

    Well as long as the Dodgers don’t sign any more washed up closers then I’ll be a happy man. At least the……oh wait…..

    Damnit. Facepalm.

    Hmmmm….Paco Rodriguez anyone?