6 Reasons Not to Take Yasiel Puig for Granted

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The chemistry with his teammates. I’m personally tired of hearing about “clubhouse chemistry,” and how it caused the Dodgers to somehow lose twice in a row to the Cardinals in the playoffs. From what I have seen, most of the players got along swimmingly. Of course I’m sure there was sometimes a brooding Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier, but that’s all normal Dodger dugout drama that we are used to. The bubbles were flowing from the dugout in 2014, and Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner were pretending to take selfies after they hit homeruns. Yasiel Puig was having fun with Juan Uribe when he fed him a banana, and Ryu and Puig’s friendship is something that could be turned into a very watchable sitcom or reality show. Puig likes to have fun, and so do I.