6 Reasons Not to Take Yasiel Puig for Granted

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Dynamic defense. Although his aforementioned cannon arm certainly increased his value in the outfield, I feel that Puig is somehow undervalued and underestimated as an outfielder…especially a center fielder. You may not have been on board with my 2013 Puig 4 Center Field campaign which segued into 2014 and 2015, but you cannot argue that Puig has made some exciting and athletic catches out in right and center field. He may have nearly collided with Matt Kemp a time or two, but Puig has the speed and range to get to more balls than most of the other outfielders in the Dodgers organization. While Joc Pederson or Andre Ethier may be “battling” it out this Spring to nab the starting center field job, Puig should not be counted out just yet. I want the best outfielder in center, and Puig has become a bona fide center fielder in my eyes.