2015 Dodger Promotions: Bobbleheads, Pins and a Gnome


‘The cost of going to visit Dodger Stadium has increased for 2015, but the promotional schedule may tempt you to come out to see the Dodgers live especially if you like gnomes and Juan Uribe.

Of course bobbleheads are back for 2015, and there’s a certain third baseman who will be featured this season to my delight.

The first bobblehead giveaway game doesn’t happen until May, but the Clayton Kershaw bobblehead scheduled to be given away to the first 40,000 fans on Tuesday, May 12th versus the Marlins is sure to be worth the wait. The Dodger ace is recreated in bobblehead form alongside his 2014 Cy Young Award and 2014 National League M.V.P. Award.

THEN, on Saturday, July 11th is the bobblehead I have been waiting for. The elusive Juan Uribe bobblehead! The Dodgers still have yet to release the image of the coveted mini Uribe, but I’m hoping for bobbling jazz hands. It’s my most anticipated promotional item of the year, and I’m surely buying tickets for that game this summer.

A lot of fans are still waiting for a Nancy Bea Hefley bobblehead. I agree that the talented organist needs to be celebrated in bobblehead form.

The bobbleheads set to be given away for 2015:

May 12 Clayton Kershaw

May 23 Adrian Gonzalez

June 4 Kenley Jansen

July 6 Maury Wills

July 11 Juan Uribe

July 29 Yasiel Puig

August 13 Sandy Koufax

September 1 Justin Turner

September 16 Fernando Valenzuela

September 23 Vin Scully

There will also be a new Cy Young Collectors’ Pin Series on the promotional schedule sponsored by 76.

I’m happy to see a pin series, and I still remember collecting Dodger pins as a kid. There will be pin giveaways at the following games:

April 13 Don Newcombe

The Tommy Lasorda Gnome is a must-have for LL fans. Photo: Dodgers.com

April 27 Don Drysdale

May 14 Sandy Koufax

June 18 Mike Marshall

August 10 Fernando Valenzuela

August 29 Orel Hershiser

September 14 Eric Gagne

September 20 Clayton Kershaw

Also making a Dodger debut on the promotional schedule is the Dodgers’ foray into the world of garden gnomes. Yes, there will be a Tommy Lasorda garden gnome giveaway on Monday, May 25th versus the Braves. I think we all know what needs to be on deck for the next gnome design…. a Scott Van Slyke garden gnome (with beard of course).

You can see the entire 2015 promotional schedule on the Dodgers website.