Dodgers Announce Four Remaining Bobbleheads


The Dodgers have announced the addition of four new Bobbleheads. This is in conjunction with the ten bobbleheads already announced. Stacie outlined the new Bobbleheads, and the gnomes for 2015 earlier. Apparently Tommy Lasorda will have a gnome. Which is so bizarre, but awesome. Behold the Tommy Gnome power! Anyways, here are the four remaining Dodger bobbleheads for the 2015 season.

The Tommy Lasorda Gnome is a must-have for LL fans. Photo:

Sandy Koufax Bobblehead August 13 vs. Reds @ 7:10 PM

Justin Turner Bobblehead (Presented by security benefit) September 1 vs. Giants @ 7:10 PM

Fernando Valenzuela Bobblehead (Presented by State Farm) vs. Rockies @ 7:10 PM

Vin Scully Bobblehead September 23 vs. Dbacks @ 7:10 PM

That brings the total to ten bobbleheads for 2015. The Dodgers will also be bringing back the Dodger Stadium movie series for two games this season. The Dodgers will show two movies after each Saturday game. All fans will be able to view the movies for free with a purchase of a game ticket on that day. Fans from the left field and right field pavilions will be allowed onto the field to watch the movies from a better viewpoint.

The two movies that will be shown are “The Lego movie” on June 20 vs. Giants @ 4:15 PM, and “Back To The Future” on August 15 vs. Reds @ 6:10 PM. That is of course back To The Future part 1. Such a classic. So Don’t miss those two dates this summer!

It looks like 2015 will be a great season for the Dodgers and for Bobbleheads!