Playing Pepper With Daniel Shoptaw


Every year our friend Daniel Shoptaw of (formerly C70) does a round table discussion with writers of opposing clubs called “Playing Pepper”. His annual Playing Pepper series profiles other writers and allows him to get a feel of what’s going on with the other 29 MLB clubs. The series also gives him an inside look at how each club’s offseason went, and what can be expected from them for the upcoming season.

Yes Daniel is a Cardinal writer. Normally I wouldn’t go anywhere near a Cardinal writer, but Daniel is not your ordinary Redbird blogger, and nothing like the crude and nasty Cardinals fans that besieged our site during last October’s soul crushing defeat in the NLDS.

Daniel is one of the most honorable and nicest guys I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is honest, kind, and never has a mean word to say about anybody. He’s been extremely kind to me over the years, and I always participate in his yearly Playing Pepper series. Daniel is a good man, he just roots for the antichrist.

Normally Daniel will ask me a series of questions about the Dodger’s offseason, and how I expect them to perform during the regular season. This year he asked me six questions. We talked about Clayton Kershaw, Yasiel Puig, the club’s flurry of offseason trades, and roster overhaul, and which players can be expected to break out this season.

If you have a moment, check it out, you can read the entire post at the link here.