Will Ferrell Can’t Pitch, But Has a Heart Of Gold


I don’t know what was more boring to watch tonight, the Dodger’s 1-0 win over the Padres Thursday evening at Peoria? Or Will Ferrell’s ridiculous third of an inning on the mound. In case you missed it here is Ferrell’s mound escapade in the seventh inning. He did record an out, as Padre’s outfielder Rico Noel bunted back to the mound, allowing Ferrell to field the bunt and record the out himself. Talk about a gift. After Ferrell entered the stadium wearing a Giant’s uniform, I was kind of hoping Noel would have belted a line drive back to the box that would have hit him in the groin. It was for a great cause, and of course all in good fun.

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The actor/comedian made MLB history today, as he played ten positions, for ten different teams in a sponsored marketing campaign for cancer research charity. His day will be aired on HBO as part of a funny or die HBO special.

Ferrell suited up with the A’s and Mariners to begin the day, before taking over for Mike Trout in center field for the Angels earlier in the afternoon. He actually fielded a single, and was able to hit the cut-off man on his throw back to the infield.

Then he was traded to the Cubs where he was the third base coach, holding up signs that read “It’s only spring games”, and “Ignore that last card, play hard”.

Ferrell then took his first plate appearance as a Cub, whiffing as the Angel’s performed a defensive shift with four infielders on the right side.

He then played left field for the Dbacks, made a play, and then bought everyone hot dogs before putting on a Reds uniform. Next up was a helicopter trip to the White Sox/Giants game later that evening where he had another plate appearance, striking out. However he did make contact on a foul ball. He then played for the Giants, replacing Buster Posey behind the plate.

His last game was the Dodgers/Padres game at Peoria. He showed up to the ball park still wearing a Giant’s uniform which caused the heavy Dodger fan filled crowd to boo the movie star. He then ended up pitching to one batter as a Dodger in the bottom of the seventh inning.

Ferrell jokingly told the Dodgers that he threw a “slurge”, and began his warm-ups as hundreds of cameras snapped pictures. With the game in a scoreless tie, Ferrell was allowed to pitch to one batter during that frame. San Diego outfielder Rico Noel, (who was laughing during the at-bat) laid down a bunt on Ferrell’s first pitch. Ferrell leaped off the mound and fielded the bunt, tossing the ball to first base to record the out. Hey you can’t say he’s any worse than Brian Wilson.

After that Don Mattingly came out to the mound to remove him. Ferrell unsurprisingly did not want to come out, but Mattingly persisted that he did. When Ferrell asked to pitch to “One more”, Mattingly gave him a definitive answer….”No”. Good choice Donnie. 

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  • After his pitching debut, Ferrell ended the night playing right field for the Padres in the ninth inning. During that frame he watched Joc Pederson’s solo home run sail over his head and into the stands.

    The 47-year old actor claims that he hit .390 in his senior year in high school. The feat Ferrell pulled off today (playing ten different positions for ten different clubs in one day) was last done by Bert Campanaris in 1965, and has only been done four other times in Major League history. Ferrell is hoping the publicity stunt raises over a million dollars for the stand up to cancer, and cancer for college charities.

    Ferrell may stink as a player, but his philanthropic endeavors are all-star caliber. As for the game, the Dodgers beat the Padres by a score of 1-0. The only run scored was Joc Pederson’s solo home run in the top of the ninth inning.  Pederson’s home run was just the second hit of the game for the Dodgers. That was Pederson’s first home run of the spring. Lost in the Ferrell hoopla was Hyun-jin Ryu making his spring training debut for the Dodgers. He threw two scoreless frames, not allowing a hit or run, and whiffing two, seemingly feeling no ill-effects of his sore back.

    No word on whether Ferrell drove his dodge stratus home from the ball park, or hopped in his chopper.