New Dodger Stadium Food: Fried Dodger Dogs


Whether you are a strict vegan or a ballpark food connoisseur, there will be something new for you to try at the concession lines at Dodger Stadium in 2015.

Ahead of Opening Day on Monday, the Dodgers sent out a press release outlined the new food choices which will be available at Dodger Stadium this season. The new food items coincide with “major renovations” to the Lexus Dugout Club and concession stands.

New menu items include:

  • Lasorda’s Meatball Marinara Specialty Fries
  • Lasorda’€™s Meatball Marinara Cone
  • La Taqueria’s Carne Asada Specialty Fries (Field & Reserve levels)
  • Breaded Chicken Sandwich and Tenders (Field & Reserve levels)
  • Fried Dodger Dogs at Extreme Loaded Dogs location on Field level (aisle 48)

For those not interested in fried Dodger Dogs, there will be expanded vegan and vegetarian options.

"“Fans will also have the option to enjoy healthy choices such as turkey burgers, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, veggie wraps and veggie pizza at a number of locations throughout the stadium. In addition, several nacho locations have been added throughout the stadium and the signature loaded helmet nacho will be available in vegetarian and vegan versions”"

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Of course the new item which catches my eye immediately are the fried Dodger Dogs. Even though Coney Island once drew me to its famous Nathan’s Hot Dog stand years ago, and local hot dog restaurant Fab Hot Dogs is a favorite, there’s still nothing like enjoying a Farmer John Dodger Dog while sitting in the stands at Dodger Stadium.

I always eat at least one grilled Dodger Dog when I visit the stadium. I like mine with all the fixings including mustard (most important), ketchup (yes, I am one of those people) and a bit of relish. Washing down the glorious hot dog experience with a Coca-Cola (no diet Coke here), is a perfect dinner or lunch at the ballpark.

Now the fried Dodger Dog sure intrigues me. I just hope it’s not like the chocolate covered bacon or fried Twinkies at the county fair which I tried and moved on from. A fried Dodger Dog could add a new dimension to the hot dog experience. A crispy battered covered dog topped with some grilled onions and mustard sound fantastic.

Gape Kapler must be in a tizzy. Perhaps we shall see an organic Dodger Dog in the future?

Would you eat a fried Dodger Dog? Let me know in the comments. I also want to see your photos of fried Dodger Dogs this season on your trips to Dodger Stadium. Tweet me on Twitter or send me your Dodger Dog photos on Instagram @organicallyrude using #dodgerdog