Less Vin Scully and Nancy Bea Hefley in 2015 for Dodgers


Not only will we see and hear less Vin Scully this season since his workload and traveling time has been cut down, but some disappointing news regarding the lovely Nancy Bea Hefley was mentioned within a Bill Plaschke article in the Los Angeles Times on Easter Sunday.

"“Missing will be the soothing sound of a ballpark organ, as 28-year veteran Nancy Bea Hefley’s workload has been reduced to one song during the actual game. One. She waits for seven innings, plays “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and goes home.”"

The traditionalist that I am hates the new clock behind the center-field fence, but the absence of Nancy Bea’s beautiful organ music floating in the air of Dodger Stadium is truly a shame. I’m not sure if the cutting back was a result of Nancy Bea wanting to spend more time with her husband and family. If so, I fully support her decision to spend less time at the ballpark and more time with loved ones.

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If the decision was made by the new front office…then I’m extremely upset by this change. It’s one thing to trade away fan favorite players like Matt Kemp, but it’s an entirely different shake up to choose Turn Down For What over the melodious organ music Nancy Bea plays every night for the adoring crowd. The fans have asked for a Nancy Bea bobblehead for many years, and I would think that most Dodger fans would want more of Nancy Bea not less.

Pre-recorded pop and hip hop music will be blaring over the speakers at Dodger Stadium for most of the game, and the final semblance of baseball tradition will only be heard during the seventh inning stretch sadly.

Nancy Bea Hefley adds a wonderful musical touch to Dodger games. Photo: Nancy Bea Hefley via Twitter

What is next? Will Vin Scully be replaced by Ryan Seacrest in the broadcast booth? Will the National Anthem be pre-recorded? Will George Lopez be interviewing the players on the field instead of Alanna Rizzo?

If the Dodgers start doing sausage races and shooting t-shirts into the crowd with mid-inning shirt guns, I’m done.

Unlike the scheduled Taylor Swift songs played every night, Nancy Bea picks songs on the fly. She is influenced by the actions taking place on the field during the game. She not only plays popular pop and rock songs, but she also includes lesser known songs making her music choices very eclectic.

Nancy Bea is a beloved part of Dodger tradition, and I believed the new front office was trying to go back to the true Blue way. By eliminating Nancy Bea’s music it degrades the Dodger fan experience. Nancy’s music, like Vin Scully’s voice, lends another dimension to the game watching experience which few other professional sports teams have. Of course I am thankful for still having Vin and Nancy, but I’m disillusioned after these changes for 2015.